Quit Smoking – 7,300 Metres Of Tobacco

The average smoker smokes 20 cigarettes a day for 20 years, which adds up to 7,300 metres or 7,908 yards of tobacco. This equates to approximately 1,460,000 draws of toxic smoke!

Holy cow, the human body must be amazing to survive even a fraction of this amount of smoke. What an amazing insult to human tissue.

Most smokers who blow just one lung full of smoke through a tissue are stunned as to how much staining is produced. So try to imagine 1,460,000 puffs. You would be looking at drums full of toxic sludge.

All of this sludge will have been through your lungs, your heart, your arteries and into every cell of your body.

Sounds bad, and unfortunately it might be, but if you quit smoking with advanced hypnosis you can start to reverse the damage.

It will take time but every day you don’t smoke you will repair some damage and bring you closer to better health.

Some parts of you will heal quickly and some will take longer, but one thing is certain, the recovery process can’t start until you stop smoking.

And it doesn’t matter how much you wish that smoking wasn’t dangerous, it doesn’t matter if you choose to ignore the risks, or think that somehow you have super powers and won’t be affected like every other smoker. The facts about smoking can’t be challenged.

But the best news is that the facts about quitting are just as clear. You quit, and you will benefit every living cell in your body, plus every healthy bacteria in your gut will do better and the health benefits will just keep on flowing to you.

Of course quitting is just the start of the process. You will now have the energy to exercise and to play and have fun. You can improve your diet and speed your recovery dramatically.

Most smokers let other areas of their health slide, because they think, what is the point of trying to be healthy, while they are smoking.

Certainly smoking will limit your health but sometimes it works to boost your diet and exercise to life your energy a little and give you the momentum to take the next step.

It really doesn’t matter what drives you to make the final decision, as long as you make, and stick to it, and of course the sooner you do it the better, because you really don’t need to inhale 1,460,000 times.