Questionnaire from Linn Co. Public Health makes requesting derecho assistance easier

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) – Linn County Public Health has been working with local nonprofits, and other community partners, to create a questionnaire to make requesting derecho assistance easier.

The survey was mainly created for those who live in rural areas of Linn County. People outside of the larger cities like Cedar Rapids and Marion, have different struggles and needs.

“Often times we overlook our rural communities. The level of need and the type of need is different sometimes than living within the city. So we really wanted to make sure we captured those rural needs as well,” Waypoint Director of Housing Services J’nae Peterman said.

The majority of requests have been about tree debris removal, but other services can be requested as well, such as mental health services, transportation assistance, and food needs.

“Any of those kind of social or human services needs is something that we are able to help with, and really if it falls into a category that isn’t one at the top of that list, we still want people to let us know if they have something that they need help with because we are working with many community partners to try and get those needs met for residents,” Linn County Public Health’s Assessment and Promotion Supervisor Kaitlin Emrich said.

After getting the surveys, Linn County Public Health will reach out to the various nonprofits, and community partners, to put them in contact with those in need.

Waypoint Services is one of those nonprofits helping those with housing issues.

“There was a huge need in the community facing housing insecurity just with the pandemic, and you know, that’s not done yet. People are still struggling through the pandemic and then to have this hit on top of that, it’s been devastating to the community,” J’nae Peterman said.

Linn County Public Health says that anyone can fill out this questionnaire whether they live in rural areas, or bigger cities in Linn County. Anyone needing assistance should put in a request.

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