Premature Birth – 10 Facts You Must Know

When it comes to premature Birth, your doctor is the best source of help and advice. Throughout this article, I will be providing various facts about premature birth, so you can ask your doctor questions and have some ideas of what to expect from his or her advice.

The standard pregnancy is expected to last about forty weeks. If a pregnant woman gives birth at or before the thirty seventh week of her pregnancy, the baby is considered to be premature. Many complications might arise with premature infants, especially if they are born prior to the thirty seventh week of gestation. Every woman who becomes pregnant wants to ensure that she has a healthy pregnancy so that the birth goes well and her child can have a healthy life.

If you are pregnant, or are considering becoming pregnant, it is important that you learn as much as you possibly can regarding health habits that are good for moms and babies.

The Problem

While medical technology has developed greatly in the past few decades and there are a lot of advancements in the care of premature infants, there are still many problems that may occur when a child is born prior to expectation. The body is not fully complete when it comes to the premature baby.

If a child is born too early, important aspects of their being may not be developed enough to live without additional support. The lungs may not be fully developed and breathing can prove to be challenging, some may not be able to feed as appropriate, or the skin and other elements of the body may not be developed to the point where the child can maintain warmth within the body.

The Causes

There is a lot of controversy when it comes to the factors that might lead to premature birth. However, there is one thing that medical professionals and scientists agree on, and that is that there is a complication with the unborn child, the mother, or a unique combination of both. The following also details some of the possible factors that may cause a woman to give birth prior to her expected due date:

1. Pregnancy in which multiples will be born, such as twins and triplets might result in early delivery.

2. If an infection develops in the body of the woman carrying the child, it may be in the child’s benefit to induce labor to avoid health complications.

3. If a female uses substances like various types of drugs or even consumes too much alcohol during pregnancy, it can lead to preterm labor.

4. If there is an issue with the reproductive system of the mother, labor may come early or need to be induced so that neither life is put in jeopardy.

5. Not receiving the proper care during pregnancy and not following the doctor’s orders on nutritional needs may lead to pregnancy that is preterm.

What Can Be Done

Naturally, it is normal to want to avoid complications like premature birth. There are a few essential strategies on how you can avoid delivering early if you are pregnant. The following details these strategies, but be sure to always check with your doctor about any strategy you read anywhere:

1. Moms should ensure that they avoid any type of chemical substance that may injure them or their child. This includes prescription medications that have not been approved by a doctor to be taken while pregnant, over-the-counter medications that a doctor has not approved, illegal drugs, tobacco products, and alcohol. In addition to this, moms should avoid any type of herbal substances unless approved by their physician.

2. During pregnancy, it is essential to take prenatal vitamins as prescribed by your doctor. This is, more or less, the super multivitamin for pregnant women. These vitamins include an additional measure of iron, calcium, and folic acid. All of which are necessary for the health of the unborn child. Folic acid is especially important to prevent birth defects.

3. While pregnant, there are certain activities that are approved, and certain activities that should be avoided. An example of one that should be avoided is heavy lifting and unnecessary strain on the back and abdomen area.

4. Pregnant women want to follow their doctors orders to ensure that they live a healthy lifestyle. This means moms should consume foods and beverages that are healthy, get gentle exercise such as walking, and rest often when appropriate.

5. While pregnant, if you want to have a routine birth, it is important to ensure that you keep your stress levels down. Stress can be more than just mental – it can be physical too. This means that you want to avoid stressing the mind and body, so you maintain the good health of both you and your child.

Premature birth is still a serious situation that sometimes occurs even today. There are various reasons why this may happen. However, there are numerous ways that you can try to prevent the issue of preterm delivery. If you follow your doctor’s orders and practice healthy habits, your baby has the best odds to take his or her time and arrive on the regular schedule.