PEACE Of Mind, Creates Better Health

Since, most of us, realize, when we have a larger degree, of, PEACE of mind, we are capable of living a happier, healthier life, wouldn’t it make sense, to strive to proceed, in focused way, striving towards this objective? Have you, or anyone, you know, suffered with some sort of insomnia, or other sort of sleeplessness? When we are tired, nervous, upset, insecure, or otherwise, concerned/ stressed, we often proceed, in a troubled, preoccupied manner, rather than proceeding forward, in a positive, meaningful, productive way! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why, our frame of mind, is generally, either one’s best friend, or worst enemy.

1. Perceptions; priorities; pleasure/ pleasing; purpose; positive: Many believe, You are what you think. Whether it is true, or not, one’s perceptions, often become an individual’s personal reality. Thus, those whose priorities include, maximizing pleasure, pleasing ones experiences/ realities, feeling good about your purpose, in life, and proceeding, persistently, with a positive, can – do, attitude, are often, best – equipped, to be happy, and self – satisfied!

2. Enjoy; emphasis; excellence; existence: Does your existence, bring you, a life, you’ll enjoy? Will you place your emphasis, where it will do you, the most good? Are you seeking, merely, good – enough, or strive for your utmost degree of personal excellence?

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention: Do you possess a true, genuine, positive, can – do, attitude? Will you settle for adequate, or develop your aptitude, and skill – set, to the best of your abilities? What will you pay, most of your attention, on, so, you might, become, the best, you can possibly be?

4. Character; clever; creative: Examine the true quality, of your character, and consider, introspectively, and objectively, if you, are the person, you should be? Will you settle, for the same – old, same – old, ways, or be, clever, enough, to create the best way, for you to be, as happy, etc, as possible?

5. Examine; endurance; efforts; effects: Most people, either, aren’t ready, or willing, to objectively, examine, the overall impacts and effects, of their efforts! Will you let, life’s lemons, control you, or, consistently, transform these, into lemonade, because you proceed, with the endurance, to look at the bigger – picture, options, and alternatives?

Whether you proceed, towards a genuine degree of PEACE of mind, generally depends on you! If you want to enhance your chances of being happier and healthier, it’s worth your effort!