Patches – Pain Patches – The Drug Free Solution To Better Health

“Patches” are not just for bicycle inner tubes, like when we we kids. Or even birth control, when we get older.

Today, “Patches” are a way of administering medical breakthrough miracles expeditiously into our systems.

Those who “Shoot Up” know the impact of IVs is almost instantaneous! Shared needles, take longer to manifest sickness in forms of HIV and/or AIDS.

“Snorter’s” noses serve as a fast fix for users of “Coke” and many who do “Meth”!!! Mucus membranes become inflamed and are often telltale. Hyperactivity is is a byproduct of such nasal intervention.

Smoking “Dope” can quickly grant “Users” peace or HIGHS, depending upon what the smoker’s smoke. “Hemp” makes fine rope and is said to bind “Frequent Smoker’s” together. “Crank”, “Crystal”, and “Coke Smoker’s” often become “Frequent Fliers” together also.

Well, my friends, today “Patches” are available as the next generation of health delivery vehicles.

I Am “Thrilled” by how fast and efficient the “Patches” that I use, to do battle with the long term disabilities brought about by MS (Multiple Sclerosis) have proven for me!

My “Pain Patches” eliminated my chronic back and shoulder pain in just 30 seconds! Faster and better than my, physician prescribed, Morphine, for lower back pain.

My Migraine Headache was knocked entirely out by a single “Pain Patch” and the Codeine, that my neurologist prescribed, is no longer necessary!


The PH.D, surgical nurse, midwife, friend that introduced me to “Patches”, has made certain that I applied the patches properly. Her expert knowledge and telephone followup has assured me of significant satisfaction. Quila too is an Earth Angel!

When Quila had an abscessed tooth, she applied a “Pain Patch” to the outside of her mouth to eliminate the “Pain”.

These LIFEWAVE “Patches” are not classified as “Pharmacological” by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) but rather as “Medical Devices” that need not be prescribed by licensed, traditional physicians.

Rather, the “Patches” are made available via affiliates.

I Am Blessed to be able to disseminate the “Patches” information via my “Wee Little Website” [http://Jesus4You] at this time.

There are more kinds of “Patches” available than I use. Yet I Am Grateful For Those “Patches” That I Do Utilize!!!