Oxyflush’s Nutrition Facts – No Known Side Effects

Almost all colon cleansing products give the same healthy solutions and benefits. However, most of them differ in the ingredients used and the nutrition facts they provide. For some health-conscious individuals, this is the very basis of how well the product can perform and how effective it is in promoting good health.

Most detoxifying and cleansing agents contain fiber-rich ingredients and a mixture of herbs to aid in the elimination of body toxins and wastes, and enhance weight loss. Indeed, they are effective. Promoters of the product reveal the fact that the use of oxygen is becoming more and more popular, and undoubtedly, more powerful in detoxifying and cleansing. This powerful ingredient can be found in Oxyflush.

As oxygen is the primary source of all animal life on the planet, man included, this compound will definitely not cause any harm to the body. This way you are a hundred percent sure that using this will neither give any side effects nor produce any slight toxic substance that may be absorbed by the vital organs.

So how does this work? Oxyflush contains magnesium that carries the oxygen to the intestines. With the help of magnesium based oxides and ozonides, oxygen and ozone are released throughout the digestive tract and do all the work. To make it simple, the released oxygen and ozone oxidize the impacted fecal matter to loosen it while the magnesium triggers its natural excretion from the body.

In other words, Oxyflush is simple, safe, and natural. Promoters believe that this is even the most preferable alternative for weight loss as this contains little caloric value. If you are looking for a very good agent for thorough cleansing, you can always try oxygen-rich Oxyflush. However, always consult your doctor to avoid any side effects you would not like to experience.