OLLY Announces Nicole Richie As Latest Ambassador, Launches New Female Health Focused Collection

Inspired by the Future is Female line up of products, the In The Girls’ Room campaign represents the intimate places where women feel comfortable and can be the most honest with themselves and their closest friends, turn off any inhibitions, and truly embrace things that might seem like ‘too much information’. The organically interconnected group of ambassadors will help to engage the OLLY community in stigma-busting dialogue about common experiences women can have with their female health, sharing light-hearted and honest moments with their followers.

“I am so proud to be partnering with OLLY for the launch of their new Future Is Female collection! It’s so important for women to feel comfortable when discussing female health and OLLY’s offering of unique supplements takes the taboo out of common female health topics so we can be open,” says OLLY ambassador, Nicole Richie.

The Future Is Female collection offers four uniquely formulated capsule supplements, designed to address common female health topics. Beat The Bloat aims to reduce belly bloat and water retention with digestive enzymes and botanicals, Miss Mellow supports a balanced mood with a powerful blend of natural botanicals, Cleansing Cranberry helps urinary tract health with cranberry and Vitamin C, and Lovin’ Libido promotes a healthy sex drive and sensation with Ashwagandha, Maca and Damiana.

“We are so excited to launch the Future is Female collection, with supplements specifically formulated to support female health and wellness. It’s truly fantastic to be working with such an incredible line up of talented women who have teamed up with OLLY to foster open and honest conversations about women’s wellness and help to break down any stigmas that exist around feminine health,” says Mari Mazzucco, Marketing Communications Manager for OLLY. 

Chicago-based, board certified OB-GYN Dr. Kiarra King will also be joining the In The Girls’ Room campaign as OLLY’s expert female health medical advisor to support the launch of the Future is Female collection.

The Future is Female line is available at www.olly.com and Target (in stores and online) and is priced from $15.99 to $19.99.

About OLLY

OLLY is a San Francisco based company whose mission is to make nutrition delightfully easy as it believes good health is the foundation of happiness. OLLY is known for its gummy vitamins and supplements, and also sells protein powders and bars.


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