NuVerus Review – An MLM Opportunity Within the Health and Wellness Industry

Over the past couple of years numerous network marketing companies emerged that targeted the health and wellness industry, and NuVerus happens to be latest one. The name of the company basically means New Life. For some people this might seem like the ideal opportunity to not only improve their health but begin earning money as well, while others might already be doubtful the authenticity of this MLM Company. Nonetheless before visiting the company website and deciding to join this network marketing opportunity, it is far better if people continue reading this review first.

The Company

The man behind this network marketing company is none other than Michael Jareou. Jareou spent a majority of his early life in Iraq but eventually settled in the United States. Later Jareou established an electronic security company by the name of Digital Security Network (DSN). He took the company to new heights eventually selling it off. It is true that he took quite a big turn by stepping into the network marketing field. However it cannot be denied that he is experienced enough in running a large-scale business. Currently this MLM company is being governed by him along with a team of legal advisers and an adept medical board. Thus one of the reasons people can rely on this company is because of its strong leadership and solid management.

The Product

The product being marketed by NuVerus is a healthy herbal beverage by the name of Euforia. NuVerus claims that this health drink is capable of boosting the energy level of the body, making it ideal for the people of today who are living a busy and stressful life. The most significant ingredient that makes this drink so healthy and beneficial for the human body is Black Seed. The drink however contains many other natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Acai, Blueberry, Green Tea, Mangosteen, Resveratrol and a lot more. Among the claims made by the company, this drink will supply the body with loads of essential nutrients and vitamins. It certainly seems that this product has the potential of selling but most people might be wondering how they will market it and what the company has to offer to them.

The Compensation Plan

Nuverus associates are offered with quite a modest compensation plan. $49.95 is start up cost of the kit, which is basically its wholesale price. The drink itself has to be sold at retail price and associates selling the drink on behalf of the company get to keep 20% commission. Associates who get orders from preferred Customers (PCs) get to earn another 5% to 20% commission. There are loads of bonuses that are also offered by the company including the Fast Start Bonus that can be availed after builder packs are sold, which cost around 199$ to $999. There are numerous other bonuses and incentives too that are a part of this innovative companys compensation plan.

What makes a NuVerus an MLM company that is worth joining is its crystal clear compensation plan, where is really simple without any complications or complexities involved. Hence people can consider visiting the Company website and make up their mind if they want to become an associate of this company.

If you have plans on becoming a consumer of NuVerus products I believe that you would be making a very smart and healthy decision. But if you plan on marketing your NuVerus products on the Internet then it is going to require you to have a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation because without them your finished before you even start when marketing your business online.