Network Marketing – If You Want to Make Money, Sell Health and Wellness Products

I recently read a book on network marketing that introduced a way to measure the most profitable industries for a home-based business. Here are the seven criteria that were used to compare and contrast products in each industry – is the product emotional, consumable, unique, traditional, valuable, timely, and stable. Let’s see how health and wellness products rate in each category.

Emotional – of course health and wellness products are emotional. The whole point in these products is to make people look and feel better. You might be surprised at how excited some people get about that!

Consumable – health and wellness products are somewhat consumable. They usually last 2-4 months instead of the preferred 2-4 weeks, but people still have to buy them over and over again.

Unique – not all health and wellness products are unique, but there are plenty of them that are. Why do so many people use the same product over and over again? Because they believe that the product is the best one for them. All of you need is a few customers that are loyal to your products to make some decent money in this business.

Traditional – very much so. Health and wellness products have been around almost as long as humans. And you usually don’t have to convince people to take something that makes them feel better.

Valuable – it depends on who you ask, but when a product helps someone feel better or look better, they will pay almost any price for more.

Timely – In 2003, the health and wellness industry was a $70 billion industry. In 2007, it was over $200 billion. In 2010 (not far away at all!), the health and wellness industry will grow to $1 trillion dollars! Timely? Only if you want to make a ton of money from it!

Stable – yeah, pretty much. People always want to feel good and look even better.

I believe that the health and wellness industry is one of the best industries to make money through network marketing. Don’t wait too much longer though. There are a lot of people taking advantage of this opportunity, so you don’t want to wait too long.