Montana gets $9M grant to address school mental health issues; Billings gets $3M | Local News

A popular consensus in Montana is that methamphetamine use drives some of that, either because of a direct impact on kids or because of violent behavior they see while adults use the drug. 

Work on the five-year grant will kick off quickly, said SD2 administrator Kim Anthony. The district had been part of a previous effort to apply for a similar grant in 2019 that didn’t come through. 

Some of the resources will tap into existing programs through a statewide behavioral framework that helps determine how schools should try to address student behavioral problems; for example, could a widespread class-level program help, or does a kid need more intensive work with a specialist?

All are “evidence based and culturally competent mental health practices,” Anthony said. 

The Office of Public Instruction announced that the $9 million grant came through Monday. 

“The OPI is very fortunate to receive this grant for Montana a second time as we will be able to work with three more districts in the state to build much needed supports for schools, students and families,” said Coordinated School Health Unit Director Holly Mook, who Anthony said helped write the grant.

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