Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet – The Shocking News About This Popular Diet

Can I lose weight with the Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet?

Many people have been searching the internet for details about this very popular diet because it has a good reputation for success. But there is one problem here. These kind of diets hasn’t been endorses, studied or even reviewed by the Mayo Clinic. The truth is, they don’t approve of these diets at all. They say it’s unhealthy and very dangerous to our health.

The Grapefruit Diet for Weight Loss

Some people calls it the May Clinic Diet, intentionally misleading people into thinking that it has a lot of value. In fact this diet only calls for eating half a grapefruit with every meal. The word mayo was suppose to mean mayonnaise, but human nature took it to another level to make it seem like the diet is more healthy and legitimate. A study was done by Dr Ken Fujioka, and he found evidence that grapefruit really does help you lose weight, but it isn’t a lot of weight, but maybe a few pounds here and there. It really depends on many things, like the person’s weight, eating habits, activity levels, etc. If you want to lose weight by eating grapefruits, you should consider making a few changes to your diet for maximum results.

Eat 4-5 times a day.

One step towards fat loss success is to eat at least 4-5 times a day along with a serving of grapefruit. This helps your body digest food easily and faster to avoid fat storage in your body. Eat a variety of foods, such as lean meat, vegetables, and fruit.