Make Work Fun!

Working in an office building can tend to get a bit monotonous… unless you have an employer who livens things up. The problem with this is that most bosses don’t know how to incorporate any type of entertainment while maintaining a professional work atmosphere. Is it appropriate to have fun at work? Of course it is! You just have to know how to go about it.

One way to break up the work day is to take time to celebrate something non-business related. While there are wacky holidays for almost every day of the year, it doesn’t seem realistic to celebrate something different every single day. This could turn out expensive, or your employees will quickly get bored, defeating your purpose in the first place. However, there are plenty of month-long holidays that can be used to create themes. Along with these themes, employers can give gifts or organize games.

For example, the month of March is National Nutrition Month. National Nutrition Month is a campaign began by the National Dietetic Association to promote healthy eating habits and physical activity. In support of the campaign is the slogan “Eat Right with Color” to instill that a healthy diet requires lots of fruits and vegetables.

Following March’s nutritionally-themed month is April’s National Stress Awareness Month. The Health Resource Network, a non-profit health education organization, created the campaign to increase the general public’s awareness of both causes and cures for stress. The program is also designed to educate people on coping mechanisms and solutions for the epidemic.

Stress and nutrition are common obstacles among professionals in today’s workforce. Now that these issues are nationally recognized, employers can improve the general well-being of their staff by encouraging the implementation of these campaigns. Stress and nutrition can be targeted simultaneously with the right motivation.

One thing an employer can do to celebrate these two months with their employees is to promote exercise in any way possible. It has been proven that not only is physical activity great for physical health, but it can improve emotional health as well. Many active people report lower stress levels than those who do not exercise. Endorsing physical activity in the work environment may mean organizing bike riding trips or group hikes. If assembling outside of the office is not a plausible option, there are ways the employer can still support individual exercise. This could be as simple as providing employees with tote bags to take to the gym, or personalized water bottles. Promotional product companies even carry fitness/gym tote bags that can be personalized with employer logos. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone: brand marketing while providing employee incentives.

Tote bags can be gifts for other month-long holidays as well. For example, the month of April contains Earth day, the 22nd, and Arbor Day, the 29th. Employers can purchase eco-friendly tote bags with recycling symbols, or notebooks made from recycled paper. Another great way to celebrate Earth Day in the workplace could be a recycling competition. Perhaps an employer could provide gifts or incentive to those who recycle the most coffee cups, etc. Any kind of competition has the ability to get employees motivated to have fun. Plus, who doesn’t like winning things?