Jockstrap Use Might Provide Penis Protection

A boy’s first jockstrap is something of a rite of passage, indicating that he has taken 1 step closer, physically at least, to becoming a man. It may be the first time that a boy becomes aware of what might be termed adult penis health issues. Sure, he has (hopefully) been carefully washing his penis for years, but wearing a jockstrap brings up the whole concept of penis protection – and that’s something he may not have had reason to investigate. (Hopefully he has been spared any nasty and unfortunate zipper accidents.)

But if a jockstrap provides penis protection, there are also some ways in which it can be somewhat, shall one say, problematic. Below are some of the pros and cons associated with the jockstrap.


– Athletic support. There’s a reason it’s called an athletic supporter, and wearing a jockstrap while playing sports can indeed provide some penis protection. This is especially true when one uses the plastic cup insert into the pouch, which provides quite a bit more penis protection from a line drive to the balls or a knee to the groin. And even without the cup, the support offered by the jockstrap helps keep the penis and balls in place when running.

– Good look. For some men, wearing a jockstrap accentuates their positives. For example,

while the pouch does compress the penis and balls so that they may not look as large as one might want, the “open rear” can highlight the buttocks, for men for whom that is an asset.

– Fights odor. The mesh-like weave of most traditional jockstraps allows air in and out, allowing the penis to “breathe.” This means that there is less sweat, and the odor that is caused by the sweat that does accumulate has a chance to disperse somewhat. This lowers the amount of penis odor. Of course, since jockstraps typically are worn when a man is engaged in significant physical activity, there will be more sweat than when one is just, say, sitting at one’s desk. But even so, there is a penis odor benefit.


– It can be uncomfortable. Jockstraps provide protection by essentially compressing the space where the penis and balls reside – and that isn’t always comfortable, especially when a man feels aroused while wearing a jockstrap.

– Not everyone looks good. Men who are uncomfortable or insecure about the way their buttocks appear may feel that the jockstrap accentuates this feature in a negative way. Those who are insecure about their penis size may not like the fact that the compressed pouch makes the penis generally look smaller.

– Heat. While the mesh weave can provide air flow in and out of the pouch, the compression also creates more intense heart. It may not necessarily lead to greater sweating, but it can raise the temperature in the testicles, which in turn can have a negative impact on sperm production.

– A good fit is essential. If the fit is too tight or too loose, it can interfere with penis protection. If it is too tight, it may cut into circulation. Too loose a fit, on the other hand, may not compress the package sufficiently, diminishing the jockstrap’s effectiveness.

Ultimately, whether a jockstrap provides sufficient penis protection depends upon an individual’s level of activity. Those who are involved in heavy-duty sports are more apt to benefit from penis protection than those who are less physically active.

Beyond a jockstrap, 1 way to increase penis protection is via daily use of a top-shelf penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). This penis protection targets health issues by utilizing an oil which has, for example, a high-end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) to protect and restore penis skin. The oil should also include L-carnitine, which has neuroprotective properties to help maintain proper penis sensation.