Is the Acai Berry Better in Powder Or Liquid Form?

Is the Acai berry better in powder or liquid form? This depends on what is in each. There are powders with very little Acai berry extract in them and the same for juices, which are mixed with other kinds of juices. This little berry, the size of a marble or like our purple grapes has been called the “super fruit” and is a powerful benefit to anyone who eats or drinks its juices. However, when it is diluted with other ingredients its effectiveness is lessened. To get the maximum benefit from this product, it must be as pure as possible.

The Acai berry is only in powder or liquid form, simply because it is so very perishable and needs to be processed to be shipped anywhere far from South America. Only locals in Brazil and the Brazilian Amazon are fortunate to eat the fresh item. The natives in the Amazon comprise about fifty percent of their diet with Acai fruit. They also contribute their good health and long life to the Acai fruit. The fruit is commonly used by others as topping on desserts and mixed with sugar and or honey and Tapioca or eaten as is. 

There are numerous benefits using this fruit, however, the number one reason for its popularity is weight lose. The Acai berry is noted for its properties beneficial in preparing the body nutritionally to lose weight. The Acai berry does not make you lose weight, but by preparing your  body and making it healthy, paves the way to easy weight lose. This product along with an appetite suppressant give you a good start with your weight lose program and its success. One of the benefits is increased metabolism and there is a host of others that you will receive. Weight loss, yes, but so much more than that.

The Acai berry in powder or liquid form? Let’s talk about that. The most important is to find either the powder or liquid in its purest strength. There are companies that claim to have the best, but then you may find, after reading the product ingredients, that the Acai fruit powder or juice is mixed with other ingredients. That out of the way, which one powder or liquid. I could go into all the ORAC, (antioxidant value of a nutritional product) but simply the liquid has three times more nutritional value in each bottle and even with the larger cost of shipping, the juice seems to be the better value.