How to Get Six Pack Abs Like Gregg Avedon Has

One of the best set of abs in the whole world belong to Gregg Avedon, a noted physical trainer who has appeared on the cover of Men’s Health magazine more than anyone else in the world. And indeed, there aren’t many men who can boast of such sculpted abs and toned body as Gregg Avedon. How does he do it? And how can you get great looking abs like his?

The way is through combining 2 important elements: working out properly and eating the right things.

One way in which you can improve your results is to make your workouts more intensive. A tip which I read in an interview with Gregg Avedon stated that a great way to make your workouts harder is to make your rest time shorter. Most people wait too long between sets. They talk with their friends at the gym, watch video clips, or just pass the time. If you cut down your rest time but still lift the same weights, you will get a much more intensive workout.

Working hard means first and foremost exercising to burn fat with intensive cardio and heavy weight training. Training your abs to emphasize the muscles is of lesser importance since you won’t have great abs until you become lean.

Of course, nutrition is also important and one huge mistake which Gregg Avedon remarked upon is eating too little. You see, if you eat too little, your body enters into starvation mode and begins conserving the calories it has stored. This happens because our body believes we may lack food, that we are starving so it wants to survive by lowering the metabolism which is the rate in which we burn calories. If you have a slow metabolism you will have a much harder time to burn belly fat and get six pack abs.

Getting six pack abs like Gregg Avedon has requires a strict lifestyle. You need to work hard and watch what you eat carefully. One thing you should begin doing is reading product labels to see which foods are healthy for you and which are filled with fats and sugars. A good rule of thumb is to eat fresh and unprocessed food. The closer it is to nature the better.

If you make sure that every second in the gym is spent in getting you leaner and that you eat healthy, nutritious, lean, and unprocessed food, you will become leaner, firmer, and have the flat abs you’ve always wanted.