How To Enjoy Better Health, High Energy Levels And Longevity

I know several old people on both my father mother’s side of the family who have enjoyed good health and lived for lengthy periods of time. Some are still alive even to this day. The oldest died in her sleep in the year 2010, a day after her hundredth birthday party. She died with her mental faculties still relatively sharp. Though her memory was not as sharp as a youngster, with a little prodding, she could recollect people’s names and events. She was a source of fascinating history about what our country looked liked politically and socially at the turn of the twentieth century. I tried to find out why many of them lived so long. It was difficult to pinpoint one aspect of their lives that could explain their good health and longevity.

Still I was able to piece together certain salient or outstanding characteristics of their lifestyles. All these characteristics were underlined by what I regard as a form of unbroken form of discipline. I noticed that they were very picky about the kind of food they ate. They almost all of them, had a cup or mug of water before breakfast every morning without fail. They had a bowl of porridge with little or no sugar at all. For lunch, they preferred a serving of maize porridge with spinach and mashed potatoes and a gravy of tomatoes and onions.

For supper they would have the same meal as lunch or a different type of vegetable. They enjoyed lengthy walks even when they could easily move in a vehicle. They went to bed as early as eight thirty or nine and woke up before the sunrise. They all talked disparagingly about how today’s youngsters woke up when the sun began shining through their laps. During the day they would snack on ground nuts, roasted maize meal, called:“dipabi” or “dikgobe” (boiled maize.) They ate little or no meat at all. My grandmother ate meat only during the winter months. During summer she thrived on all fruits that were brought before her. At times we worried that she seemed to eat only fruits, nuts and vegetables.

No one was successful in persuading her to eat all the burgers, fish and chips, tinned foods, and biscuits we all seemed to be crazy about. Yet it was we who were prone to go down with colds and flues, and visited the physician or the local clinic more often than All were non smokers except my partenal uncle who took up smoking at the age of sixty five when he began to experience nausea each time after a meal. A friend of his advised him to have a few puffs each time he experienced nausea after a meal. The nausea stopped. He passed away at the ripe old age of ninety seven. This is not to hold any brief for the habit of smoking nor to advise any one with the same nausea problem as my uncle to take up smoking.