Hermit Crab Facts and Trivia You Need to Know to Keep Healthy Hermit Crabs

A Hermit crab as a pet is becoming more and more popular because of its uniqueness and playful characters. They are also small and very easy to take care of. All their necessities are not so expensive compared to other traditional pets. To learn more about these lovely animals, here are some more hermit crab facts and trivia that you will find interesting and will make you want to get one yourself.

  • Most of this fascinating creatures live for half a month to one year, while there are few who can reach up to 15 years!
  • Just like humans, these animals are omnivores. They are also scavengers. They will eat anything you give them. They love fruits, vegetables, steak, cheese, popcorn, meatballs, fish head, scrambled eggs, and a lot more. They have different tastes and preferences when it comes to food.
  • If you found a purple-clawed hermit crab, that crab is very strong and can even break a pencil in two. It is also bigger than most hermit crabs, weighing up to a quarter of a pound.
  • Crabs have about 6000 species. And hermit crabs have about 800 species. This gives you endless options on what to choose as your pet.
  • Although these creatures have 5 pairs of legs, they only use the second and third pair for locomotion or walking.
  • They love to hide under debris. Those animals that are yet to be found, it means they are still untamed and still prowling the wilds, they love to relax under roots of trees, leaves, branches, and rocks. They also make burrows to hide into. This is the reason why you also have to put twigs and branches and sea sand in order for the hermit crabs to do what they like to do best – burrowing.
  • Despite their habits of hiding under different objects or into their shell, which got them their name, they are actually love people and attention. They are playful and will get bored if they are neglected.
  • You might be wondering why they look like spiders or lobsters. The reason for this is because they are cousins. Hermit crabs, like spiders and lobsters, are called arthropods, meaning their legs have sections. Arthropods are usually small compared to other animals but they are the largest group in the animal kingdom. Insects also belong here.
  • You should not put a hermit crab underwater for a long time. They might not be able to breathe underwater for a long period of time. They will eventually die.
  • It is very difficult to identify a gender of these animals. So your best bet is to take care of as many hermit crabs as you can.
  • A Hermit crab use the shells of other animals to protect themselves. If the shell becomes too small, the crab will move to another more spacious new shell. Like turtles, the shell also acts as their home.
  • Though it is called a crab, these creatures does not belong in the group of true crabs.
  • Like all arthropods, they have an outer covering to protect their soft bodies which are called exoskeletons.