Health Insurance For Young People

Today’s young adults are bold, determined and many believe that they are unable to get sick. Unfortunately, that is as far from the truth as one could get. While young adults won’t be experiencing hip replacements or heart surgery, there are a range of things that can go wrong in a body of any age.


Dentists can cost quite a lot of money, especially if you don’t look after you teeth. A basic clean can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on where you live and which dentist you go to. With private health insurance, this cost would be dramatically lower because of the rebate that would be given from your insurance provider. Should you choose to go to a dentist that is a part of your insurer’s network of practitioners, the price could be even lower again.


While you may not be reaching for the bifocal’s just yet, many young people still need glasses or contacts. If you are one of these people, it can be quite an expensive trip to the optometrist by the time you add up the examination, the frames, the lenses and any follow up visits that are required. Private health insurance alleviates some of that burden with a rebate, sometimes leaving little or no cost to you, depending on which optometrists you see.

Chiropractic and Alternative Health Care

Many private health insurers often include these kinds of preventative therapies in their “extras” cover. These types of services are known as preventative therapies, similar to that of dentistry. Obviously these services can only do so much depending on the severity of your condition and it’s always best to check with your insurer to see if you are in fact covered for these kinds of therapies.

Hospital Cover

As previously mentioned, you are probably not ready for a hip replacement just yet, but what about if you need your wisdom teeth removed, your appendices taken out urgently or your tonsils swell up to the size of golf balls repeatedly? These are all things that can happen to someone of any age and can all be expensive surgeries without private health insurance. In fact, these operations can have hospital bills running into the thousands, all of which you will be left to pay. While many public hospitals can carry out these operations, there is no choice of doctor or when you will be operated on. In most cases you would need to share a room with not just one, but many other patients and would rarely receive the same amount of medical attention compared to a private hospital. While public hospitals endeavour to manage as many cases as they can, private hospitals will allow you to pick and choose doctors, rooms and many other services which will no doubt make your hospital experience far more tolerable. After all, no one likes being in hospital.