Global Warming’s Effect on Human Health

As climate change becomes extreme, the whole world gets some dangerous extreme events. However, now, global warming’s effect not only appears in a high frequency of storms, quick melting of glacier, crop failure and rising sea, but also appears in human health. The disease today especially caused by mosquito increases more and becomes an epidemic disease.

In Africa, malaria, which is a disease caused by mosquito, is highly increased. It is caused by the temperature change of African’s land into the colder land, so mosquitoes did not move up to the mountain. This condition makes several places like Nairobi and Harar become a place to avoid mosquitoes because they are up in the mountain.

After malaria, there is another disease caused by climate change. The rising of sea levels not only causing human physical health becomes weaker, but also causes psychological aberration. It is possible because climate change can affect people to become stressful.

Stress is not always looking bad but the condition can lead you to negative act. Stress is obviously negative and recent studies according to scientists stated that the effect has been faced by citizens in the developing country, especially children. From systematic research in 2000, there were 150,000 premature deaths occur around the world.

The global warming effect on human health suspected will occur more in developing countries and 88% affect children. It attacks children who is fragile, malnutrition and those who live in a poor environment and having no access for health services. Lower agricultural productivity in areas where sea levels are rising, make places like Africa, India and the poorest places in Latin America get a malnutrition leads to malaria and vomiting as effects global warming.

Climate change will increase water pollution in the open air and directly damage the ozone layer. Ozone layer is very important for human because it is our protection from radiation of sunlight and has a function in temperature. Human failure to keep the earth makes the climate unstable than in past ten years.