Genasante’ Review

Read this Genasante’ review if you are thinking about partnering with this network marketing company that recently joined the health and wellness direct selling arena. Their mission is to have a positive impact on global health by providing science-based health and longevity products. The impressive company leadership team led by CEO Monte Taylor believes that the products they produce, the initiatives they support, their business practices and the opportunity they provide must be consistent with their values.

I discovered when doing this Genasante’ review that their business concept is based on what they refer to as the 7 pillar system which is a holistic wellness model for the company, their products, distributors and their customers. The 7 pillars are made up of the following;

  • Core Nutrition Products
  • Giving
  • Income Opportunity
  • Healthy Living Education
  • Follow Up Nutritional Testing
  • Healthy Foods
  • Natural Home Spa Products

To become an independent business owner (IBO) you will have to purchase one of the three product starter kits. Your investment for the starter kits will be $129, $329 or $999. The only difference in the kits is the amount of products they contain. IBO’s can earn income five different ways, retail commissions, fast start bonuses, leadership percentages, five levels of generational bonuses, global leadership profit share and incentives. The compensation plan used by this program is a binary plan. The bottom line is, if you are able to build a large team of IBO’s you will make excellent money with this opportunity.

After researching this Genasante’ review I believe that this is a legitimate opportunity with great products. Joining this company to take advantage of the high quality products at a savings, would make good sense. If you are comfortable and enjoy contacting friends, family and acquaintances on a regular basis to either purchase your products or to join your team, you should do well with this program. This marketing technique is referred to as relationship marketing on the company website. Unfortunately history tells us that some 97% of people that join network marketing opportunities are not willing to do these things and therefore never make any money. The good news is if you are able to successfully drive massive amounts of qualified people to your website, you could make great money with this program.

Learning how to successfully market on the internet is simply a process. If you are willing to put forth a persistent effort toward learning it you definitely will be successful at mastering it. After haven done so you will be able to successfully build huge downlines and huge incomes in any program, including the one covered in this Genasante’ review.