Fitbit continues lead in wearable fitness

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SINCE its establishment in 2007, Fitbit’s mission has always been to make everyone in the world healthier, making fitness tracking a cultural phenomenon — helping one understand his health and wellness by tracking key metrics.

Through the years, Fitbit has grown into a trusted and well-loved brand across the globe, wiith nearly 30 million active users helping each other stay motived and achieve their goals.

Now with the Covid-19 pandemic, people are now giving much more focus to health and fitness. Keeping this in mind, Fitbit continues to lead the way for the wearables industry, as it aims to support the greater healthcare industry by addressing critical health concerns through its technology — one wrist at a time.

Fitbit has accelerated its critical research on illness detection with leading global institutions, such as Standord, Scripps Research, King’s College London in order to determine if Fitbit devices can be used to detect potential signs of Covid-19.

Associated with counting steps and meeting that 10,000-step goal, in order to stay fit and healthy, Fitbit continues to innovate beyond step count by allowing its users to track other crucial health metrics, such as sleep, activity and stress.

Recently, Fitbit launched a complete stress management solution, with the new Fitbit Sense, the world’s first smartwatch with an on-device electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor to help one understand his body’s response to stressors.

As there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to health and fitness, Fitbit aims to ensure that there is Fitbit for everybody through its expanding variety of smartwatch and fitness tracker options.

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