Extreme Pecs Workouts For Ridiculous Muscle Mass

Look, you need to understand that Set after Set of Flat Bench Barbell just doesn’t cut it for all over Chest development. In order to witness extreme growth, muscularity and thickness you need to be learning about Pecs Workouts so hardcore they make grown men cry and women faint with envy.

What I’m covering today here is for serious dudes only. Pecs workouts this intense are certainly not for the faint hearted.

I strongly suggest that you only perform the following very occasionally when your body has begun to adapt to its usual Pecs Workouts. Chest is an incredibly adaptive muscle group and you will know it’s time to initiate this hardcore workout when you fail to see any measurable progress from your usual routine.

You MUST give your Chest a week off after this workout to properly recover and grow back stronger.

Before we start you must stretch and warm up thoroughly.

Important: 3×10,8,6 means 3 Sets of 10 then 8 then 6 Repetitions.

Ok, lets do it.

First up, Flat Bench Barbell Bench Presses

1x warm up set of 25 reps very light weight.

3×10,8,6 at your heaviest weight possible leading to total failure on Set 3

Immediately into flat floor Pushups – 3 Sets to failure.

By this time your Chest will be totally pumped and gorged with blood thanks to our friends the Pushups. Our next port of call is to zap the Pecs using Dumbbells. These are fantastic to go deep with and get a great stretch at the bottom end of the movement helping to expand your overall muscle fibers.

3×10,8,6 Flat Bench Dumbbell Presses

Then follow this up with –

3×12,10,8, Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly’s

Next – it’s time to return to your favourite Bench and this time to adjust it to the Decline Setting.

That’s correct – you need to grab those Dumbbells again.


Are you in pain yet?

Great! It must be working then. Next…

Incline Bench Barbell Press


Then move directly into a Set of Incline Pushups to failure.

3 minute rest and stretch.

Then Incline Dumbbell Fly’s


Finish with Incline Pushups again to failure.

…And congratulate yourself.

You have just accomplished 18 Sets of one of the most hardcore Pecs workouts you will ever experience in your Bodybuilding career.

It is absolutely vital that you now take in a Whey Protein Shake containing 30g+ Protein and some Carbs. If your Protein shake doesn’t contain Carbohydrate, blend it with Low Fat Milk and add Dextrose to replenish your bodies stores and assist Protein absorption.

It is also key that you warm down properly – stretch again and remember to lay off any other Chest routines for at least 5 whole days after this workout.

Eat right, rest well and enjoy the results!