Egg Protein for Better Health

Protein is essential for athletes and body builders who need to develop or rebuild muscle.

An egg consists of the yolk and the albumin. It is the albumin that contains little or no fat, but contains muscle building blocks along with essential amino acids. The quality of the protein in the egg is the highest in comparison to other protein sources. Typically, one egg contains about six grams of protein along with other nutrients.

The protein found in an egg is of the purest form. The biological value (BV) of an egg (which is a measurement to evaluate the efficacy of protein) is 93.7. Compared to other sources of protein such as milk, fish and beef, the egg has the highest value. This indicates that egg protein is assimilated in the body faster than other protein sources.

If you are looking out to build muscle mass or lose excess weight, look no further; egg protein is one of the most flexible supplements which could offer you the desired results in no time. It is the best food for bodybuilders, sportsmen, fitness freaks and gym rats. Saying this let us not forget to distinguish the qualities of the white and yolk. Though the white is credited with substantial nutrients, do not ignore the yolk. It also consists of essential fats and calories required for a healthy body to function normally.

Believe me it is better to ignore the supplements that boast of egg white as the major ingredient. Better replace it by a dozen organic eggs to get the best out of them. They are healthy and safe, at the same time affordable too.

The protein obtained from eggs is the only one that are absorbed directly and quickly by the body while the other sources take too long to breakdown. Due to the extreme benefits of the eggs it is advisable to consume them in the breakfast or lunch which gives the body the required fuel to burn fats and develop muscles. Also it is one of the most widely used natural forms of whey proteins.

Because of these massive qualities and benefits offered by the egg yolk and white it it used widely in different industries. To lose weight and build muscles one needs to burn a lot of calories. This is where consumption of eggs comes in. Leave behind all the myths and disbeliefs, consume this natural protein regularly and gain the desired results.

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