Do You Really Have To Be Compliant With The Law? Part II

Though the introduction of the Affordable Care Act law has been confusing, misleading, rocky and beneficial to many people; it is our responsibility as consumers to take advantage and learn these new guidelines when purchasing health insurance. My previous articles on healthcare reform will also enlighten you as you search for answers pertaining to health insurance.

We can still purchase insurance from carriers willing to sell non complaint health plans. Once the heavy-hitters (insurance carriers) figure this out for themselves; I recommend carriers go back to underwriting and lowering premiums for consumers who are willing to go through underwriting to possibly pay lower premiums and have the freedom they once enjoyed with being able to choose their own providers’ in PPO type networks. Of course carriers would need to have reasonable negotiable rates to attract providers to join their network.

Consumers will be able to purchase as they do right now directly off exchange-(directly from carriers) or on exchange (ACA) compliant if they need financial assistance from the government to help pay for coverage. Although there is much confusion with this law; the reality is you as an individual can still purchase the kind of insurance you want. People who are healthy and can get through the underwriting process should obtained coverage just like the good ole days. This may help lower premiums depending on how carriers mastermind their new product lines once they realize it’s still about making money and finding solutions to help lower cost; without making consumers suffer financially.

Two essential health benefits that most consumers do not need are Maternity and Pediatric dental coverage’s. Although it’s important for children to have dental insurance it should not be the responsibility of the American taxpayer to pay for dental insurance as part of their health plan, especially when this one particular benefit is not needed for someone purchasing coverage. The same with someone who is incapable of producing off-springs, there should be no reason why anyone who cannot have children or who have pass the stage of child-bearing to have maternity or newborn coverage on their health insurance as well. These two health benefits in most non-complaint plans will eliminate coverage you would not need or even want.

Why pay for benefits you will never use? There are millions of people who have insurance and can afford to absorb the tax penalty. The conformity and new guidelines are a necessity for people who were once unable to get insurance. Be encouraged as you navigate your way through the different learning curves with these new guidelines for purchasing insurance.

The purpose of this article is to help educate you and encourage yourself to get some health insurance, along with other type of coverage’s, such as but not limited to: accident, annuities, critical illness, life, and indemnity products to help protect your income and assets when some mishap happens in your life. The financial hit will be minimum because you will have insurance in place to soften the blow. In the analogy of a boxer; you have to bob and weave, run, jab, grab, throw a fake punch, a counter punch; a hook to the body and head, and then knock out the opponent with the right life and health insurance products.