Critical Environment Health Issues

Environmental health is the science of looking for external potential hazards that can affect a person’s health and behavior. These external factors may be chemical, biological and physical. Environmental health care is the area which is gaining interest from around world. Environmental health issues arise mainly because of air quality, different radiation resulting from different nuclear reaction taking place for energy purposes. We can say that Environmental health is the study of how different environmental factors affect human health, and what the techniques are used to cope.

Following are some Critical Environmental Issues that need to be addressed and taken seriously for ourselves and for our country.

One of the major areas addressed by environmental health is the disease control. A lot of diseases are caused by polluted environment. The environment gets polluted by many ways. One is industrialization that increases air pollution. Air quality is getting worse day by day. Disease such as diarrhea, influenza, food poisoning, ringworm etc. is caused due to environment. Children are especially affected and are most likely to receive harm. This would include children of age 5-10 that are most likely in danger. Our responsibility is to make sure that the wastes from our homes does not pollute the overall environment.

Food management is another area of concern for environmental health. Our concern must be from how seed is harvested and what kind of fertilizer and pesticides are used for its nurturing. Food we take must be free from all types of germs and other nontoxic materials. Nano toxicology is the science of studying to what extent these properties poses threat to human beings. Food preservation can be a good idea in this case. In this process food is preserved from spoiling, through different methods such as canning, freezing, pasteurization, irradiation. Using organic methods of raising food and providing this food as soon as harvested to people is greatly valued.

Water quality is needed to make sure clean water is available to the community and is another environmental issue, because water is getting polluted day by day through various means. Among such processes are hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing is the process of drilling and injecting fluid mainly water for fracturing shale rocks to release natural gas. Water is very much important for life and water must be handled perfectly, otherwise it causes a lot of diseases. Water used for industrial purposes gets poisonous after release and is very harmful for skin when not properly managed and can poison the main stream water as well. So there must be proper sanitation of water.