COVID-19 educational toolkit created by health department to help kids, parents during the pandemic | KOLR

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– The Springfield-Greene County Health Department has created an educational toolkit for parents and students, which includes things like age-appropriate ways to talk to your kids about COVID-19.

The toolkit works to show students they too can help keep their family, friends and neighbors healthy.

“Part of this kit that I really appreciate that I’m using myself, and I don’t have kids, is a morning checklist to go through,” Kathyrn Wall of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department said.

The toolkit’s checklist helps parents screen their children for COVID-19 symptoms every day before school.

“Mornings are hectic trying to get out the door, get your kids out the door or preparing them for a new day,” Wall said.

Springfield mom Danielle Jeffries says she’s all too familiar with how hectic it can be to keep on-schedule every day.

“We’re a little over three weeks in, they know the schedule, but it’s difficult for them because they’re in their own space,” Jeffries said. “Having a toolkit with just extra ideas and tips on how to cope with being at home and how to stay positive, I think any help from anywhere is beneficial.”

Jeffries has five children, four of which are learning virtually this semester. She says it’s been tough keeping her kids away from their grandparents for safety reasons.

“That brings up another stressor in my life, some of us are going to do those things, but then I’m over here telling my kids we can’t go see grandma and grandpa because of COVID and we want to protect them.”

The toolkit also includes a video from local kids explaining what COVID-19 is and how children can help slow the spread of it.

The health department says kids between the ages of five and 17 have accounted for 7% of new COVID-19 cases in the last two weeks in Greene County, and that while these numbers are encouraging we all must remain vigilant in the fight against the virus.

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