Clog to Good Health – Learn to Clog With Free Online Clogging Lessons

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to exercise more this year but you just can’t get motivated to stick with the program? Have you ever thought about learning to clog? Clogging is great exercise and you can burn 500 calories an hour while you’re having fun doing it.

There are free online clogging lessons geared to the very beginning clogger with slow, repetitive YouTube lessons. The lessons are progressive, teaching the style of clogging and the basic steps that you can learn at your own pace at home. Not only will you get great exercise, but you’ll feel good about yourself in mastering the basic steps on your own and laying the foundation to be able to progress to intermediate or even advanced clogging.

If you want to be held accountable and be assured that you complete the lessons, why not invite a friend to learn with you? That way you can both get the foundation that you need to progress to the intermediate phase and have a blast doing it. When you become proficient at the basic steps, you can both join a local clogging group, rather than doing it alone. You won’t feel like a fish out of water because you’ll already know the basic steps and you will be able to keep up with the rest of the group.

Another suggestion is to learn to clog as a family unit. Clogging is very family oriented, great exercise, and allows you to spend quality time together. Heaven knows, we need more family oriented activities. Learning together and realizing your accomplishments can be so rewarding.

Have you seen the cloggers on “So You Think You Can Dance” or “America’s Got Talent”? Who knows? I may see you on one of these shows in the near future and I hope I can say you got started because you read this article.