Children’s Health: Learn The A B C’s – Activate-Build-Cleanse

Activate your child’s health-HOW? Eating raw foods every day provides enzymes which are the spark plugs of all your child’s biological functions. Whether it is coleslaw, fresh pineapple, or salad, they activate your child’s healing, digesting, and growing processes. Chewable papaya or acidophilus are a good start. If a body system is struggling in your child, homeopathic drops are a wonderful and gentle way to activate the body to generate healing, growth, and repair.

Many homeopathics are specially formulated for children, for everything from teething and colic to asthma and detoxification. Flower essence homeopathics are used when there may be a stress, emotional connection, or personality extreme. These can be safely used when kids are going through phases..thank God they’re just phases! The goal is to balance your child’s growth and healing, not suppress symptoms which can drive problems deeper into their physical and emotional being. You might think your child is too young to cleanse, but the body naturally cleanses every day, we just need to keep it moving. Water is the most essential cleansing agent your child’s body has.. think how much an infant drinks! Your child should at least drink half their weight in ounces of water to prevent constipation and bladder infections. A water purifier or bottled water will make water taste better and cleanse better.

Chlorophyll liquid is a gentle deodorizer and detoxifier that can be added to water for children. Fiber from oatmeal, whole fruits and vegetables, or chewable tablets is essential for detoxifying the digestive system, especially if your child eats meat, fried foods, dairy, or sugar.

Herbalist Steven Horne says “disease symptoms are the bodies’ way of removing waste through one or more of its”chimneys” of elimination.” If it can’t go down, it smokes up! Dietary changes such as eliminating dairy, wheat, red meat, fried foods, sugar, chocolate, food colors, artificial sweeteners, and allergens such as citrus or corn products for a few days can work wonders if a child has bad breath, skin problems, bowel, bladder, or respiratory problems.

You might make it as a game, eliminating one type of food each day, like a detective, to see if you and your child can find the bad guys in their diet that might be robbing their health! A clean body works better, smells better, looks better, and thinks clearer…doesn’t your child deserve that?

Finally, speak good words about and to your children, and see them healed and grown out of the problems they might be facing. The thymus gland of the immune system literally responds to what we speak to our children, and what you see and say creates faith, love, and positive emotional health and attitudes essential to healing. A sense of humor goes a long way in helping imperfect parents raise imperfect children in these trying times. If we quit wasting time and money on the “junk” we don’t need, it has been proven that we will have about 18% more time and money for the things we really need. It’s as easy as ABC.