CommonSpirit Health Expands Behavioral Health Support through Primary Care Collaboration in Partnership with Concert Health

Evidence-based model supports better health outcomes by providing physicians with better tools to coordinate access to mental health services

CommonSpirit Health, a national nonprofit health system serving communities at more than 1,000 care sites and 137 hospitals across 21 states, today announced it is offering new access to support for depression and anxiety within the primary care setting through a partnership with Concert Health, a leading behavioral health medical group. This model will place CommonSpirit’s primary care physicians at the center of all physical and behavioral aspects of care by connecting patients with Concert Health’s remotely located behavioral health care managers who provide therapy and develop a behavioral health care plan for each patient.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Access to behavioral health services in the U.S. is challenging at the best of times, and for patients, the lack of care can have far-reaching

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Trump continues dishonesty bombardment at Pennsylvania rally

President Donald Trump has returned to the campaign trail with all of his usual campaign dishonesty.

Donald Trump holding a sign

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Trump made numerous false or misleading claims at his Tuesday rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, his second falsehood-filled rally since he was hospitalized with the coronavirus.

We’re still going through the transcript, but here’s a quick roundup.

Biden’s positions

As he did at his Monday rally in Sanford, Florida, Trump baselessly claimed that Biden supports policy positions that the former vice president does not actually hold.

Trump lied, for example, that Biden’s plan would “destroy protections for pre-existing conditions.” Trump is the one trying to eliminate Obamacare, including the protections the law created for people with pre-existing conditions. Biden, conversely, is running on a pledge to preserve and strengthen Obamacare, including those protections for pre-existing conditions.

Trump also warned that Biden will “outlaw” private health insurance plans. But Biden has vocally rejected

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New Data Shows Health Care Policy and Costs Top of Mind for Consumers Leading Up to 2020 Presidential Election

Sapphire Digital Survey Reveals Consumers’ View of Health Care Price Transparency and How Health Care Policy Will Influence Their Vote

Sapphire Digital, a leader in empowering consumers to make better choices that deliver health care savings, today announced survey results assessing consumer views on the health care system and health care policy leading up to the 2020 presidential election. The findings reveal health care policy will influence 79% of U.S. adults’ votes in the election, with 50% of those consumers reporting health policy will most influence or heavily influence their votes compared to other policy issues. Additionally, more than one-third (34%) of adults surveyed report they would like to see both presidential candidates prioritize lowering care costs leading up to the election.

For years, health care costs have been on the rise and the recent financial impact of COVID-19 has made cost concerns even more prominent. With consumers looking to

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Presidents have long lied about their health. There is only one solution.

In 1893, President Grover Cleveland kept a secret from the public: mouth cancer. In a clandestine operation on a yacht in the East River in New York, surgeons removed the president’s left upper jaw to prevent the cancer from spreading, and replaced it with a prosthesis to hide the surgical excision. Cleveland’s brush with cancer didn’t become known until 1917, when one of his physicians published an article in the popular Saturday Evening Post. Cleveland hid his ailment out of a belief that admitting any sort of presidential incapacity would create a crisis of confidence in the country, undermining the economy and encouraging foreign adversaries to try to take advantage of the United States.

Cleveland’s deception was relatively minor compared to the liberties taken by Woodrow Wilson between 1912 and 1920. Wilson arrived in the White House in 1913 with a history of minor strokes: They had temporarily incapacitated him

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Mountain Health hospitals revert to ‘no visitation’ policy | Wc News

HUNTINGTON — Mountain Health Network announced Monday that, as of 6 p.m., its “no visitation” policy will again be in effect for both Cabell Huntington Hospital and St. Mary’s Medical Center due to an increase in community spread of COVID-19.

“This was a difficult decision, as we know the importance family plays in a patient’s recovery. But after considering what was best for our patients and employees, it was a decision we had to make,” said Dr. Hoyt Burdick, chief clinical officer for Mountain Health Network, in a release. “As community spread increases, we must adapt our policies in order to preserve everyone’s safety. We truly appreciate the community’s understanding and cooperation.”

The following restrictions are in place for both hospitals until further notice:

  • No one will be permitted to accompany or visit a patient in the hospital with few exceptions. This restriction also applies to many persons previously considered
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COVID 19 Brings New Urgency to Health Outreach in NC Latino Community / Public News Service

Latinos and Black Americans comprise 55% of U.S. coronavirus cases, nearly double their population makeup, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data released in June. (Adobe Stock)

October 14, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As the coronavirus continues to affect North Carolina’s Latino communities, outreach workers are providing public health information, in Spanish and culturally relevant to this growing population.

Hector Salgado, community impact director for the American Heart Association in Charlotte, was spearheading an effort to raise awareness about heart health and blood-pressure monitoring among Latinos when the pandemic hit. With help from the Mecklenburg County Public Health Department and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, he said, the program pivoted to COVID-19 prevention. As the crisis worsened, Salgado said, he began to notice what he described as rampant misinformation in the Latino community.

“And those resources are not reflected,” he said. “I went to the farmer’s market and I saw

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Scientists discover new method to retrieve lost single-cell RNA-sequencing information

Sequencing RNA from individual cells can reveal a great deal of information about what those cells are doing in the body. MIT researchers have now greatly boosted the amount of information gleaned from each of those cells, by modifying the commonly used Seq-Well technique.

With their new approach, the MIT team could extract 10 times as much information from each cell in a sample.

This increase should enable scientists to learn much more about the genes that are expressed in each cell, and help them to discover subtle but critical differences between healthy and dysfunctional cells.

It’s become clear that these technologies have transformative potential for understanding complex biological systems. If we look across a range of different datasets, we can really understand the landscape of health and disease, and that can give us information as to what therapeutic strategies we

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St. Peter’s patient information may have been stolen

ALBANY – St. Peter’s Health Partners Medical Associates has notified more than 500 patients who might have fallen victim to a privacy breach.

In a Tuesday press release, St. Peter’s said certain payment information contained in bank deposit bags between March 2 and July 20 for 14 practice locations in the Albany area, may be missing. The missing payment information is associated with cash, checks and credit card payments. The missing information does not include credit card numbers.

In a letter, mailed on Tuesday, St. Peter’s notified the 544 patients affected and offered them free credit protection and identity-theft services for one year.

Prior to discovery of the missing information, payments had been credited to individual patient accounts.

“SPHPMA takes this incident and the protection of our patients’ protected health information extremely seriously,” Privacy Officer Kate Barnhart said in a statement. “We apologize for the inconvenience and deeply regret any

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AP FACT CHECK: Sen. Graham and Biden on Obamacare, Barrett

WASHINGTON (AP) — The senator leading Supreme Court confirmation hearings Tuesday launched into revisionist history on “Obamacare,” implying it was designed to help Democratic states like California, New York and Massachusetts while doling out less to states like his, South Carolina.

In doing so, Sen. Lindsey Graham skipped over the fact that health insurance is generally more expensive in places with a high cost of living. Also, South Carolina is among 12 conservative states that have not adopted the law’s Medicaid expansion, a big source of federal subsidies.

For their part, Democrats pressed concerns that their presidential candidate also voiced at the start of the hearings — particularly that Amy Coney Barrett on the court would be a sure vote to kill “Obamacare.” That’s not at all certain based on her words in the past. She declared Tuesday: “I’m not here on a mission to destroy the Affordable Care Act.”

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Living Health Integrative Medicine Celebrates its 19th Anniversary

Living Health Integrative Medicine, Which Was Founded by Dr. Thomas Chaney and Dr. Stephanie Chaney, Provides a Natural and Effective Integrative Approach to Health

ANNAPOLIS, MD / ACCESSWIRE / October 13, 2020 / Dr. Thomas Chaney and Dr. Stephanie Chaney are pleased to announce that Living Health Integrative Medicine, which they co-founded, is celebrating 19 years in business.

To contact Living Health Integrative Medicine and/or to sign up for their newsletter, please visit

As Dr. Thomas Chaney noted, he and Dr. Stephanie Chaney are proud of the way their devotion to integrative medicine has helped Living Health Integrative Medicine to become the leader in holistic wellness throughout Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

They also take pride in the fact that they are leaders in functional medicine and physical medicine. They use the most current research and science to help guide the treatments they suggest for their valued patients.

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