Alcohol Rehab and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Today

Alcohol Rehab and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Individuals who struggle with both mental illness and a substance abuse problem face special challenges in alcohol rehab. A quality alcohol rehab program recognizes the unique challenges of dually diagnosed clients and offers dual diagnosis treatment in their alcohol rehab center.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Philosophy in a Alcohol Rehab Program

In years past, alcohol rehabs actually treated mental illness and substance abuse separately. It would not be uncommon to see a patient enter a alcohol rehab for alcohol rehabilitation and then be transferred to a mental health center for dual diagnosis treatment. Today, the quality alcohol rehabs treat alcoholism and psychiatric disorders concurrently and with much better results.

Key Elements in an Alcohol Rehab Program for Dual Diagnosis Treatment An alcohol rehabilitation program designed to treat dual diagnosis must have a psychiatrist that is trained in addiction medicine. In addition to the psychiatrist the staff in the alcohol treatment center must have a thorough understanding of mental health disorders and how to treat them. While alcohol rehabilitation can move along at a steady pace, dual diagnosis treatment is much more gradual. Most people who are admitted to an alcohol rehab program and are dually diagnosed will generally be able to follow the overall guidelines of the alcohol rehab center.

If it becomes apparent they are too impaired from a mental health perspective, they may require transfer from the alcohol rehab with dual diagnosis treatment services to an actual psychiatric hospital.For additional information relating to an effective dual diagnosis treatment center or quality alcohol rehabs, please go to or call the national alcohol rehabilitation helpline at 1-800-511-9225.