Albino Ferret – A Few Basic Facts

An interesting reason why few ferret lovers choose an albino ferret is because of their characteristic red eyes and pink nose. This not only gives them a different look, but their white coat is what makes it attractive. A practical reason that most albino ferret owners confessed to is that they can be easily found in dark rooms because of their white coat.

Unlike any kind of misbelief the albino ferret is most commonly found and the kindness and love that these little animals give you will leave you spellbound. Although the coat of these ferrets is completely white throughout you will also find a few variations to them. But mostly these loving animals are an excellent choice as pets. Most individuals choose the albino not because of their color, or that their personalities are completely different, or because their have different abilities, but just because they look interesting, soft, cuddly and lovable.

A common understanding is that albino ferrets have bad eye sight and also contact a few other complicated health problems in their lives. Although there is no connection between their coat color and their abilities to see or any other health related issues, most albinos do face certain problems.

Some basic facts of ferrets are:

Albino’s like all their other ferret family members are also diurnal in nature. Mornings are the best time when you will find them highly energized. And just like any other ferrets they too love to catch up with their beauty sleep in the afternoons.

Most people feel that they need to bathe their albino ferrets regularly. Ideally ferrets should be given a bath once a month. This will keep their skin moisture level intact. It does get a bit difficult when it comes to giving your ferret a bath regularly. You however need to resist this temptation, since a regular bath would mean that the oil secretion by their glands will only increase and their skin could also become very dry.

An innate feature in all ferrets is their curious nature, and it stands true even for albinos. Ferrets love to explore and examine whatever they find close to them. If they find a hole, they would gladly scram into them and in any kind of small space. You therefore need to ferret proof your entire home when you own a pet ferret.

Not many know about this, but albino ferrets are often used as therapy mainly for kids who suffer from autism. Even the elderly people benefit from keeping an albino. Albinos like any other ferrets are complete carnivores and live only on meats and fish.

Albinos are much prone to illnesses and health issues as they get older. According to estimates almost 75% of ferrets including albinos are introduced to lifelong medicines as soon as they start picking up on age. Although there is no correlation to their coat color.

If you are looking for the best looking ferret either as therapeutic reason or just because you love them, then albino ferrets are an excellent choice. The love that these beautiful animals show is stupendous and you will enjoy every moment with them.