Adhere to a Low GI Foods List For Good Health

Many people can benefit from monitoring the glycemic index, also known as GI, of the foods they consume throughout their day. Having a low GI foods list on hand will make this process easy and more successful. There are healthy foods that have a high GI, so being familiar with the various indexes can help a person round out their meals properly so that they will still benefit from eating the lower indexed foods along with the high.

The glycemic index of food is the rate at which individual foods raise a person’s blood sugar after having been consumed. This system ranks foods on a scale from 1 to 100. Foods that are considered low are listed at 55 or less. Medium glycemic foods are rated in the 56 to 69 range. High glycemic foods come in at 70 and above.

People of all types and health levels benefit from a low glycemic diet. The healthy and those with medically diagnosed illnesses, will both gain from the consumption kind of food on a regular basis. From diabetics and hypoglycemics to dieters and athletes, they will all find various rewards in choosing a low glycemic meal plan.

Dieters will find trying to loose weight less difficult when choosing a low GI plan. These types of foods digest slower than others so the person feels full for a longer period of time. This also makes it easier to eat less calories while at the same time not feel continually hungry, because the body’s needs are being met, not deprived. The need to starve oneself or diet strictly using will power to loose weight becomes unnecessary.

When high GI foods are consumed, the body tends to grab its energy from these foods first instead of from stored fats. That makes it much harder for people to be successful in losing weight. By choosing the lower indexed foods to eat, a person is helping the body to burn fat by going to the store of fat first to get its energy.

There are many other good reasons to consume this type food. Sports activities are performed better and people will find they have a more regulated level of energy. Additionally, mood swings can be reduced and diabetes can be controlled when on a low GI meal plan.

Not all healthy ingredients are indexed low on the GI list. But they should still be eaten because they are good for you. If consumed at meals along with low GI foods, the benefits of the low are not tainted. Low GI recipes can easily be obtained from the internet so one can create meals that are a positive mix of both types of foods.

Additionally, some lower indexed consumables are not necessarily low in fat. To help a person control and track the foods they eat, it is easy to obtain a low GI foods list from the internet. There are handy pocket guides available online so that a person can have a directory handy while grocery shopping. Prepackaged, name brand, manufactured foods are found on these lists as well as whole foods. This helps busy families and individuals to still eat healthy meals even when they do not have time to cook from scratch.