Acai Berry Facts and Lies – 5 Acai Berry Lies You Want to Know

Acai Berry is a wonderful fruit from the Amazonian rainforest. Being packed with antioxidant, vitamins and nutrients, this nutritious berry has been dubbed as the number one superfood for its potential benefits to the human body.

However, with all the excitements surrounding Acai Berry, some facts seems to be over inflated making this Amazonian berry stands like an all-in-one magical cure. Here are some common lies on Acai that you would want to know.

Lie#1: Acai Berry is a weight loss agent

Fact: While Acai is undeniably full of benefits that makes a great dietary supplement, it is not a miracle weight loss solution. Combinations of healthy diet and exercise together with this to boost your health is important. Though Acai Berry is not equivalent to a weight loss pill, being highly nutritious, it helps to promote a healthier lifestyle. Weight loss, if achieved, can be considered a good side effect of a healthy lifestyle.

Lie#2: Acai will make you remain youthful

Fact: Similar to its weight loss property, Acai by itself is not a newly discovered fountain of youth. Losing weight and looking young are all part of a healthy lifestyle, and this dark purple berry may help by supportng a healthier you through its high antioxidant level and densely packed nutrients. However, it alone cannot do wonders without effort from your side.

Lie#3: A natural Viagra discovered

Fact: Until now, there is no way this Amazonian berry can be equated to impotence drug Viagra. While some people might claim an improvement in their love life with this berry, there is no evidence that Acai works similar to Viagra. Again, when talking about sexual health, we just cannot run away from discussing about healthy life, and Acai Berry may help some people in their love life by promoting a better health.

Lie#4: Acai Berry can treat various diseases

Fact: There is no proof Acai as a treatment of specific disease. Being relatively new in the market, researches done specifically on this grape-like berry had been scarce. However, it is known to contain nutrients that are good for your health, including your heart, energy, stamina and immune system. Researches on Acai Berry had been promising though. There is a report showing Acai’s potential in destroying human cancer cell but the study was done in laboratory and has not been tested in human as yet, and therefore, it is still considered too early to make a conclusion.

Lie#5: All Acai Berries are the same

Fact: These berries are not created equal, different products might have different potency. First of all, this delicate berry is highly perishable and need to be processed within 24 hours after harvesting. Secondly, not all processing method can retain Acai’s nutrient. It has to be freeze dried for you to enjoy its benefits. Thirdly, Acai antioxidant mostly found in the rind of the fruit which makes for only 10% of the fruit. Therefore, products using other part of Acai Berry such as the seed will not have the same benefit as those utilising the rind of the fruit.

As you can see, Acai Berry is no magical solution for weight problem, aging or any disease. Being very rich in antioxidant and nutrients however, it should be considered a great tool or leverage to help you attain a healthy life. For it to work however, it needs you to work as well. Many people make the mistake by hoping Acai to do all the work for them. So, take Acai Berry diet as a supplement to compliment a healthy lifestyle instead of hoping for a miracle solution to your problem. If you are serious about getting the optimum benefits from this wonderful Amazonian berry, start it right with the correct expectation on it.