A Thorough Breakdown For Global Health Trax Prospects

A lot of people today look with suspicion at any multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that come along, primarily because a lot of people got burned and lost thousands of dollars when they invested in businesses that turn out to be pyramid schemes. This article talks about Global Health Trax, including whether the company is legitimate or not.

The History of Global Health Trax

While some people believe that the organization is an up-and-coming company, this is far from the truth. In fact, it has been more than a decade since it was founded, having been established in 1997 by Mr. Everett P. Hale. Thanks to his degrees in accounting and economics, he came up with the realization that the multilevel marketing industry needed to change, with good products being sold to the clients and a solid compensation plan given to the distributors. With this in mind, he built his company, with him later on being recognized as a leader in the direct sale industry of nutritional supplements.

Today, Mr. Tom Dixon has taken over Mr. Hale in the running of their company, upholding the values that the organization is based on. The company is based in Vista, California. The company is primarily focused in the research, production, and selling of health supplements.

What are the Products of Global Health Trax?

The company dubs itself as the digestive experts, with the majority of their products formulated so as to help in maintaining their digestive systems. Their main products include:

Probiotics. The probiotic products of the company has put them in the international map of health care, with a celebrity endorser even crediting one of their products, Threelac, as helping her son with his autism.

Digestive enzymes. The company also has products to help people in breaking down the food that they eat to put less pressure on their digestive systems.

Fiber. Fiber has been proven to be effective in helping manage the system. As such, the company has created products for adults and for children so that they will be able to enjoy the beneficial effects of dietary fiber.

What is the Compensation Plan of Global Health Trax?

Admittedly, not much is known about how their compensation system actually works. However, those who have worked with the company have said that it essentially works in the same way as other MLM companies, in that they have a commission system for the sales they make and for the number of people they bring into the organization.

As with other MLM companies, the only sure way that you can succeed in making money with Global Health Trax is if you take the time to get yourself educated and trained so that you will have the proper online MLM training skills to sell the products the company offers their clients.