6 Health Issues of Tokay Geckos That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Tokays are generally easy to maintain. However, sometimes your Tokays will suffer from health issues. Whether they had these health issues before you bought them (especially if they were caught in the wild) or may have risen because of stress or because of a poor husbandry, it is best that you know these different health problems that your gecko may suffer from to be able to address them appropriately.

Loss of Appetite

There are several reasons why your Tokay may refuse to eat. One of the most dangerous and causes rapid weight loss to your geckos is the presence of internal parasites. When this happens, it is best that you immediately seek the help of your veterinarian (herp vet). Emergency feedings are usually done to replace the lost nutrients (however, this may require the prescription of your vet to avoid unnecessary side effects). Stress and low temperature are also among the most common reasons of appetite loss in Tokays.


Vomiting is common in hatchlings or baby geckos. They usually regurgitate if they have eaten too much food. However, this should not happen too often. Baby Tokays usually learn their lesson fast and eat just enough food the next time. If you found undigested foods in the cage very often, this can be sign of a serious condition and you should consult your vet as soon as possible.


The characteristics of your Tokay’s droppings greatly depend on the food stock and the amount of water you’re providing them. However, you should watch for loose and watery droppings which may contain blood or undigested foods because these can be signs of a more serious problem. It is best that you take a few samples of your Tokay’s droppings to your vet for further examination.

Infections of the Eyes

Tokays usually suffer from eye infections throughout their life span. Eye infections can be caused by foreign objects, a wound your Tokay sustained from another animals in the tank, or as a result of abnormal shedding. A swelling around the eyes or difficulty in opening the eyes can be observed in geckos with eye infections. Your vet may prescribe eye drops or in worst cases may perform a surgery to expel the puss or fluid that had accumulated around the eyes to avoid further escalation of the problem or to avoid blindness.

Infections on the Skin

If you’re using soil as a substrate or when your substrate is damp, more likely your Tokays may suffer from skin infections. This are usually seen in the underbelly (but it should be noted that it can be found anywhere in your Tokay’s body). A small black or brown spots can be seen in the affected areas (toes and underbelly). It is best that you place your Tokay in a separate tank with a tissue or any dry surface as a substrate to promote faster recovery and healing. Your vet may also advise the application of some ointments.

Respiratory Issues

The common sign of a respiratory infection is breathing difficulty (Tokays affected usually exhibit a gaping mouth). Extreme cold temperatures are one of the known reasons for this condition. Regularly check your heat source and make sure that it provides the right temperature for your Tokays.