3 Natural Supplements to Improve Sexual Performance – Could Also Improve Your Relationships Too!

There are some natural supplements that are connected with improving the sex drive and in some cases sexual performance as well. These are things which have been used for thousands of years by all different cultures. However, scientific research is still inconclusive. Still, the fact that other cultures and peoples using these tricks to improve sexual performance for that long is suggestive that there is at least something that is beneficial.


According to a Men’s Health magazine survey, men who had taken 300mg. of Avena Sativa (Green Oats) had an increase of 54% of sexual activity and increased libido. This sex hormone, which stimulates the drive for sex, becomes bound to a number of compounds within the body at an increasing rate as people age. Both male and female subjects reported, in an experiment, and increase in sexual drive and performance after taking the Green Oat Avena Sativa.


Also, Bee products such as Bee Pollen, Honey, and Royal Jelly are centuries old natural vitamins and minerals used as sexual benefits. Honey is packed with calcium, Zinc, and vitamin B which are known to boost sexual libido and performance. This honey was also used to relieve anxiety as well as enhance and improve sexual performance. Bee Pollen and royal jelly are both sexual stimulants that are naturally produced by bees and can then be processed into supplement form.

However, royal jelly is not inexpensive or easy to come by and can lead to asthma attacks and severe allergic reactions. So it stands to reason that when trying these,( or anything else for that matter) use caution and common sense.

3.MUIRA PUAMA Other wise known as MARAPUAMA

This medicine has been used to cure erectile dysfunction and intensify sex drive. Which may be where it gets the nickname “Potency Wood”. Male subjects taking muira puama daily reported better erections as well as a boost in their overall sex drive and performance. One consumer survey suggested that 51% of men taking 1to 1.5 grams of this extract on a daily basis reported better erections and 62% claimed an overall boost in libido.

So, there are the three natural supplements that have been used to improve sexual performance in cultures all around the world for many many years. There is no miracle drug or food that will flip the switch forever and cure all of our sexual needs has yet to be discovered. Even when using natural supplements, exercising common sense and good judgment is always recommended.