10 Facts About A Multi-med Card That Will Make You Think Twice

To take multiple medications correctly every day can be a difficult and confusing task for most people. Multi-med Cards will help you take your medicines without any confusion. We list out 10 facts about multi-med cards.

Improves medication adherence

A multi-med blister card is a visual reminder of what medications to take, when to take them and whether patients have taken them or not. By offering multi-med packaging to patients, nursing home admissions and hospitalizations owing to drug overdose can be avoided to a great extent.

Simple and easy to use packaging

Multi-med cards are perfect if you have to take numerous medications at once or at different times of the day. Depending on the size of the pills you can insert up to 5 medications into each blister.

Suitable for multiple medications

The clear blister facilitates medication verification. It comes with pressure sensitive seal and reverse side numbering on the inside of the card. The pressure sealing reduces sealing time and the cold seal prevents exposure of medications to heat.

Easy to fill

You can fill and seal these cards in a matter of minutes at home.

  • Just remove the pressure sensitive liner
  • Place the card on the filling template
  • Insert the blister sheet into the card
  • Load all the medications accordingly and fold the foil flap over to seal the card
  • Seal it with the roller and you are done.

Clean and Disposable

They are disposable so you are using a brand new card every week. No more dirty plastic pill boxes that can lead to cross contamination and can accidentally open and spill your medications.

They simplify your medication programme

It will help you organize all your medications for a specific day and time in one blister. That way on Sunday morning you’ll look for the column labelled “Morning” and find the row labelled Sunday” to find your correct medication for that day and time.

A helpful tool for caregivers

Multi-med cards can drastically improve the life of the patient and provide peace-of-mind for their loved ones or caregivers. This medication packaging is used by consumers and pharmacies around the world because of its simplicity, versatility and effectiveness.

Help athletes organize medications to their optimal schedule

These cards are helpful not just for senior citizens and caregivers, but also for athletes who take supplements at specific times of the day. Supplements have to be taken at specific times to get their full effect. With 4 times a day disposable multi-med card, athletes will be able to organize their medications to their optimal schedule.

Avoid errors

It is easy for seniors to take the wrong medicines or even skip doses. Multi-med cards prevent this from happening. There is nothing your senior has to figure out. They simply need to take the medicines in each designated compartment.

Take your medicines with confidence

Studies show that most patients are not confident when it comes to taking medication. This is especially the case when they have to take several pills a day. Multi-med cards will be sealed so you’ll know if you have already taken your medications.