From janitor to health care hero at the same hospital, nurse practitioner shares her decadelong journey

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She wrote, “10 years of work, but worth it.”

When Jaynes Andredes arrived at her new job at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, she stepped foot into a familiar place, but with a very different role.

“I learned as a custodian that every part of the hospital and every person who works in the hospital is important,” Andredes told “World News Tonight.”

After putting herself through five years

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Community-Academic Partnership for Lake County; Journey through Recovery

Lake County, IL, is experiencing an increase in drug overdoses. According to the Lake County Coroner’s Office statistics, drug-related overdose deaths have already surpassed last year’s total number of deaths for the entire year.

Northern Illinois Recovery Community Organization (NIRCO) has partnered with Buehler Center for Health Policy and Economics, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University addressing health barriers in long-term recovery for persons of color. The project will bring together community organizations, government, representatives, policymakers, service providers, academic researchers, and persons with lived substance misuse experience‒.



Carmen, 54, Lake County resident, shares how her health concerns connect to her long-term recovery success.

“My recovery and my weight loss journey started at 53-years-old. I was 284 pounds and a size 24. I made a conscious decision to do a complete lifestyle change, no drugs and alcohol, and no food to substitute my addiction. Exercise eat different [to] think different [and]

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5 ways Black and Hispanic women can jumpstart their journey toward better mental health care

Black and Hispanic women around the country are fighting a silent battle of anxiety, stress, isolation and depression.

The coronavirus pandemic is disproportionately affecting the Black community, with 31 percent of Blacks personally knowing someone who had died of COVID-19, compared to 9 percent of white people, according to a poll conducted by the Washington Post. Meanwhile, Black women are nearly twice as likely as white men to have been laid off, furloughed or had their hours or pay reduced because of the pandemic, according to a study by the Economic Policy Institute. They are also more likely than white workers to work outside the home as an essential worker. Couple this with the #BlackLivesMatter movement that’s casting a glaring spotlight on racial injustice across the country, and we’ve got a recipe for a mental health crisis.

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Hispanics are also being hit

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Shannen Doherty updates fans about her health journey while battling stage 4 breast cancer

Shannen Doherty was alone when her doctor called to break the tragic news that her cancer had returned.

In a new feature for Elle magazine, the “90210” star gets candid about her health journey battling stage 4 breast cancer. She wrote how she immediately starting researching experimental treatments.

“I was like, ‘OK, do I have good karma? Do I have bad karma? Why would I have bad karma?'” the 49-year-old said. “I started taking stock of my life and the things I’d done, and the things I hadn’t done. How I was with people.”

In February 2019, Doherty and her photographer husband Kurt Iswarienko, held a dinner party for friends and family and invited her doctor to speak to everyone.


Doherty revealed her treatments would be hormone therapy and “a second targeted drug that is often

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Focus fitness journey on progress and laugh along the way

We know that we need to exercise and eat well to live healthy lives but for some, we need that extra motivation to uplift us to work out and eat healthy. If you have fun when you work out it won’t feel like work.  

When’s the last time you had a good laugh while working out? We were actually talking the other day about the faces we make in the gym (Gym Face!) and some are always smiling through the sweat but most have that serious, determined look when they are working out. We suffer at times from resting gym face. That look we hope shows how committed we are to what we are doing.

We should think of exercise as a way to have fun and be healthy. Many times we only think of it as a way to lose weight. When all we focus on is losing

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Journey to health begins with awareness of childhood obesity

As we begin to enter the school year with some students studying from home it is important to maintain a focus on the health of our children.

We should not lose sight of the fact that about 1 in 5 (19%) children in the United States suffers from obesity. In Florida, one out of three children is overweight or obese. Certain groups of children are more affected than others. 

We are just ending a particular focus on children through National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month which provides an opportunity for all of us to learn more about this serious health condition. Although this major health problem has no simple solution, there are many ways communities can support children with their journey to good health.

Obesity in childhood poses immediate and future health risks including:

  • Children with obesity are at higher risk for having other chronic health conditions and diseases, such as
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Beginning Your Journey to a Healthy Size | Health and Fitness

How many weight-loss diets have you tried in your lifetime? Too many to count? The word “diet” is a noun, not a verb, and refers to our food habits over time. When we use the term as a verb (e.g. “to diet”), our focus changes from nourishing our bodies to restriction. Dieting also implies that there are a start and an end. Diet-think can lead you to continually search for the perfect solution, or give up entirely.

What if your focus changed? Instead of focusing on weight, you changed your measure of success to something else like:

  • Waist size
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Lab values, including cholesterol and triglyceride
  • Your ability to more easily accomplish activities of daily living

Achieving and maintaining good health involves at least four distinct components: Nutrition, Mental, Physical, and Emotion. The emotion component includes self-talk. Consider how you speak to yourself. Are you as kind to

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From surviving to thriving: Stark County native shares mental health journey – News – The Columbus Dispatch

Central Catholic grad Justin Hayes took 30 years for proper diagnosis.

When music star Kanye West recently underwent what appeared to some to be mental and emotional distress, Justin Hayes sent him a tweet.

“People were looking at it as just a news story rather than a mental-health crisis,” he said. “I sent it to encourage him. It’s unfortunate that, until somebody is in that situation themselves, they’re not going to understand.”

The Akron resident understands because he has dealt with his own mental health issues since he was a teenager. He says it took him 30 years to be properly diagnosed.

It’s what prompts Hayes, an author, business professor, marketing expert and career coach, to visit local high schools and universities. He wants to increase awareness and reduce the stigma for young adults who may be going through the same experience.

According to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental

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Desperate for better health, Lonsdale man documents weight loss journey | News

Michael Moran is determined to meet two goals in the next 18 months: to lose a substantial amount of weight and chronicle his ups and downs in a feature-length documentary.

“Right now, this is my magnum opus,” said Moran, a Lonsdale resident. “I’m just excited to challenge myself and take it on.”

Documentaries advocating for better health strike a cord with Moran. He’s dealt with health issues and weight struggles his whole life. At over 500 pounds, his weight has contributed to limited mobility as well as knee and hip problems.

A turning point for Moran happened earlier this year when he visited the ER with symptoms related to high blood pressure. At 36 and weighing 532 pounds, he thought, “I’m not going to make it to 46, and I need to figure something out.” Moran especially wanted to make a change for the sake of his two children, William,

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