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Since the coronavirus pandemic started, the United States has recorded more than 7.6 million cases of COVID-19 and 213,000 deaths.


A third of U.S. states are reporting higher coronavirus case counts than they’ve ever had before.

A USA TODAY analysis of Johns Hopkins data shows 16 states set records for new cases in a week. But nearly all states are surging: 41 states had worse weeks than they did a week earlier. And an analysis of COVID Tracking Project data shows that in 36 states, a higher rate of people were testing positive than in the week before.

While the data continues to show the virus’ reach is not letting up, the head of the World Health Organization said achieving herd immunity by allowing the virus to spread is “scientifically and ethically problematic.”

“Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them

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Johnson & Johnson Pauses Coronavirus Vaccine Trials due to ‘Unexplained Illness’ in Participant | Health News

Johnson & Johson has paused the clinical trial for its coronavirus vaccine following an “unexpected illness” in a participant.

Health experts have said that pauses in vaccine trials aren’t uncommon and mean that safety precautions are working. It’s the second vaccine trial to be paused in the U.S. A vaccine from AstraZeneca and Oxford University was put on pause last month after a participant fell ill. That trial hasn’t yet resumed in the U.S.

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TOPSHOT - A passenger in an outfit (R) poses for a picture as a security guard wearing a facemask as a preventive measure against the Covid-19 coronavirus stands nearby on a last century-style boat, featuring a theatrical drama set between the 1920s and 1930s in Wuhan, in Chinas central Hubei province on September 27, 2020. (Photo by Hector RETAMAL / AFP) (Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)

It is unclear how long Johnson & Johnson’s pause could last. The company said there is a “significant distinction” between a study pause and a regulatory hold of a clinical trial, which could last much longer.

“We must respect this participant’s privacy. We’re also learning more about this participant’s illness, and it’s important to have all the facts before we share additional information,” the company said in a press release Monday night.

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Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine trial paused by unexplained illness


Pressure to create a coronavirus vaccine is increasing by the day, but for a safe vaccine to enter the market, it takes time.


Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine trial has been paused due to an unexplained illness in a volunteer. Now two of the four vaccine trials in the United States are now on hold.

The Phase 3 clinical trial was temporarily halted Monday, according to the company. It is not known if the unidentified illness is related to the vaccine, but clinical protocols require a pause while it is investigated.

Johnson & Johnson’s JNJ-78436735 vaccine is one of four large-scale, final-stage COVID-19 vaccine trials underway in the U.S. Another trial, run by AstraZeneca, was halted Sept. 8 after a second participant was diagnosed with a neurological condition.

Johnson & Johnson said Monday it has paused further dosing in its trial while the participant’s illness is reviewed

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COVID Vaccine Update as Johnson & Johnson Trial Suffers Setback, Sanofi Aims for Mid-2021 Rollout

There are currently nearly 200 potential COVID-19 vaccine candidates in development, including 42 under clinical evaluation and 151 under pre-clinical evaluation, according to a report by the World Health Organization published on October 2.

a person wearing a costume: A lab technician wearing observing a bottle containing a reagent before performing vaccine tests at French pharmaceutical company Sanofi's laboratory in Val de Reuil in northwest France on July 10. Sanofi is hoping to get its COVID-19 vaccine candidate approved within the first half of 2021.

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A lab technician wearing observing a bottle containing a reagent before performing vaccine tests at French pharmaceutical company Sanofi’s laboratory in Val de Reuil in northwest France on July 10. Sanofi is hoping to get its COVID-19 vaccine candidate approved within the first half of 2021.

On Monday, U.S.-based Johnson & Johnson announced a pause on all of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate clinical trials due to an “unexplained illness” in one of its study participants.

French pharmaceutical company Sanofi is hoping to have its vaccine candidate rolled out by mid-next year, according to Olivier Bogillot, its chief executive officer.

“We are in a very concrete environment at the regulatory

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Johnson & Johnson pauses clinical trials for a COVID vaccine over patient illness

Johnson & Johnson has paused its clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine following a patient illness, just weeks after it announced it was in its final stage.

A pause is not entirely unexpected in vaccine trials. When another vaccine trial was temporarily stopped last month, experts hailed the move, pointing to it as an example of the scientific rigor that is being maintained despite the understandably intense public interest for a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Johnson & Johnson trial was paused after an “unexplained” illness in one of its participants and in compliance with regulatory standards, the company said in a news release Monday night. The pharmaceutical company said the patient’s condition was being reviewed and evaluated by the ENSEMBLE independent Data Safety Monitoring Board.

“We must respect this participant’s privacy,” the company’s statement said. “We’re also learning more about this participant’s illness, and it’s important to have all the facts

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Boris Johnson Unveils Three-Tier Lockdowns To Slow Outbreak Despite Local Allies’ Pushback


  • Boris Johnson has announced a three-tiered system of lockdowns to combat the resurgent pandemic
  • Under the system, Liverpool would close pubs and ban gatherings. Manchester, another outbreak hotspot, has not agreed to the measures
  • Other countries in Europe and the United States also face a second wave, threatening to overwhelm hospitals and intensive care units

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday announced a new three-tiered lockdown plan as COVID-19 surges once more across Europe and the United States. Under the plan, virus hotspots like Liverpool and Greater Manchester would close pubs and also ban gatherings. Greater Manchester has not yet agreed to the measure, and local leaders in Liverpool and across the U.K. have voiced objections to the implementation of the measures.

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street said in a statement that the restrictions were “not something regional leaders supported, nor what I believed would be happening

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‘Now Is the Time to Prioritize Mental Health on a Global Scale’: Johnson & Johnson

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10, the World Health Organization (WHO) is warning of far-reaching consequences if worldwide investment in mental health is not scaled up, especially in the time of COVID-19.

“World Mental Health Day is an opportunity for the world to come together and begin redressing the historic neglect of mental health,” WHO’s Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement.

This past year, COVID-19 and related disruptions to health care services have disproportionately impacted poor and underserved populations, exposing weaknesses in systems around the world. There is now a renewed focus on the United Nations’ Global Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being, which lays out the agenda for expanding access to quality care by 2030 and includes targets around mental health.

The UN warned in a policy brief in May that COVID-19 “has the seeds of a major mental health crisis.” Notably, the

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Boris Johnson: Claims I have lost ‘mojo’ since COVID is ‘propaganda’

  • Boris Johnson says reports that he has lingering health problems after his bout of coronavirus are “self-evidence drivel” spread by people who want him to fail.
  • The prime minister on Tuesday morning denied suggestions that he has not fully recovered since being taken to intensive care with the virus earlier this year.
  • He said it is “the kind of seditious propaganda you’d expect from people who don’t want this government to succeed, who wanted to stop us delivering Brexit and all of our other manifesto pledges…”.
  • Johnson denied the rumours in a speech to the Conservative party’s annual conference.
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Boris Johnson has accused people who claim that he continues to have lingering health problems from the coronavirus of spreading “seditious propaganda” and wanting to stop Brexit.

Speaking at the Conservative party’s virtual conference on Tuesday, the UK prime minister said widespread reports, that

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Johnson & Johnson Paying Over $100 Million To Settle Baby Powder Lawsuits: Report

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) appears to be reaching deep into its coffers to settle a clutch of lawsuits. According to an article published on Monday by Bloomberg and citing “people with knowledge of the pacts,” the healthcare giant has agreed to pay over $100 million to settle more than 1,000 lawsuits over its Johnson’s Baby Powder.

The lawsuits, some of which stretch back several years, allege that repeated use of the talc-based powder caused cancer. Some claimants say that the product is tainted with asbestos, a substance notorious for causing the illness.

That $100 million would only be an initial outlay; according to regulatory filings, the total number of lawsuits pending is around 20,000. Several have already been resolved, with substantial awards. One, completed in 2018, saw a court ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.7 billion, although this was significantly reduced to $2.1 billion on appeal. Other lawsuits have

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Moozii CEO Tiffany Johnson Creates Access to Sustainable Feminine Care and Wellness Products for Women of Color

Moozii CEO Tiffany Johnson Creates Access to Sustainable Feminine Care and Wellness Products for Women of Color

Seattle, WA, October 05, 2020 –(PR.com)– Meet the founder who is hyper-focused on creating sustainable Feminine care, Wellness and Beauty products for women of color.

Tiffany Johnson started Moozii during the pandemic after she became aware that many black women were not aware of sustainable period care products. Moozii is a Feminine care, Wellness and Beauty brand that is hyper-focused on creating access and awareness to sustainable, high-performing quality products. Moozii offers products ranging from 100% Medical Grade Menstrual cups, Organic Reusable Pads and CBD Wellness and Beauty products. Moozii launched October 1, 2020. Follow Moozii on Instagram and be sure to subscribe to their email list www.moozii.co.

What inspired you to create Moozii?
“I created Moozii because I was underwhelmed with the lack of access and awareness of sustainable and safe Feminine care & Wellness products for Women of color. Prior to creating Moozii, I was a frequent tampon

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