Jockstrap Use Might Provide Penis Protection

A boy’s first jockstrap is something of a rite of passage, indicating that he has taken 1 step closer, physically at least, to becoming a man. It may be the first time that a boy becomes aware of what might be termed adult penis health issues. Sure, he has (hopefully) been carefully washing his penis for years, but wearing a jockstrap brings up the whole concept of penis protection – and that’s something he may not have had reason to investigate. (Hopefully he has been spared any nasty and unfortunate zipper accidents.)

But if a jockstrap provides penis protection, there are also some ways in which it can be somewhat, shall one say, problematic. Below are some of the pros and cons associated with the jockstrap.


– Athletic support. There’s a reason it’s called an athletic supporter, and wearing a jockstrap while playing sports can indeed provide some penis … Read More