5 Tips To Advocate for Yourself Without Being a Jerk to Frontline Health-Care Workers

It makes sense if the pressure cooker of events that have come to define 2020 have you feeling on edge. Among them include the existential threat of COVID-19, a tense election season, and a societal reckoning with the systemic racism (and its far-reaching implications) that continues to metastasize in this country and beyond. Resulting feelings of depletion, helplessness, burnout, and fear can eat away at our patience, which can in turn affect the way in which we interact with others. One place where these shorter fuses come into play is with health-care workers.

While being the best and strongest advocate for yourself that you can be is crucial in a medical setting, doing so doesn’t need to come at the cost of further burning out overextended health-care workers during these pandemic times. Well+Good previously reported on the upward trend in suicide cases among frontline health-care workers during the pandemic

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