GOP Senate Control in Jeopardy Due to Lack of Clear Health Care Message. The Solution Is Price Transparency.

Republican control of the Senate is in jeopardy. Tight Senate races in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, North Carolina and elsewhere threaten the GOP’s three-seat majority. RealClearPolitics polling suggests the battle for the Senate is currently a tossup.

Senate Democrats have indicated they are willing to nuke the longstanding legislative filibuster, allowing them to pass legislation with just 51 Senate votes (or 50 if they also win the presidency). This year’s Senate election is, therefore, the most important in the chamber’s history.

Democrats rode their polling advantage in health care to a blue wave victory in the midterm elections in 2018, flipping 41 seats in the House of Representatives and returning the speaker’s gavel to Nancy Pelosi. Senate Republicans risk succumbing to the same fate this year unless they coalesce around meaningful and popular health care reform to help Americans contend with crushing health care costs.

Republicans have no shortage of

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