A Dip a Day: The Surprising Health Benefits of the Japanese Bath

The Japanese take more hot baths than any other people in the world. Bathing has been an important part of Japanese culture since ancient times. Today, there is growing evidence that the custom of regular bathing in hot water is part of what makes the Japanese one of the healthiest and longest-lived populations in the world. One of Japan’s leading researchers on the science of bathing is Hayasaka Shin’ya, who has been studying the health benefits of hot springs for more than 20 years.

The Relaxing, Health-Giving Properties of a Hot Bath

Many Japanese people take a bath more or less every day. In some parts of the world, people may refer to showering as “taking a bath,” but not in Japan. In Japan, simply showering does not count. In Japanese, the phrases nyūyoku (bathing) or ofuro ni hairu (to take a bath) normally involve immersing the whole body in

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Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry: An Insight Into Globalization

Japan is the second largest market for pharmaceuticals, with the US being the largest. It represents almost 10% of the world pharmaceutical market. One of the major driving force behind this large market size is the aging of Japanese population i.e. 26% of the Japanese population is 65 years or older. Keeping a higher life expectancy, Japan tops the world list both in male and female population. Consequently, the medical needs are at a surge; thus, boosting the number of pharmaceutical companies, importers, and exporters in Japan.

The Japanese government has taken multiple steps to address the medical needs. The government’s aim is to reduce the overall expenditure in delivering the adequate healthcare to the Japanese population. Recently, two major breakthroughs were regulated; biennial drugs price revision and promotion of generic drugs instead of branded drugs. The branded (patented) drugs are costly as they bear the cost of research, development, … Read More