Chef Ivy Stark helped change how Americans viewed Mexican food and now she’s onto plant-based eating

It’s been more than two decades since chef Ivy Stark showed diners that Mexican food wasn’t simply hard-shell tacos brimming with ground beef or a basket of chips with guac. 

With the recent debut of Whole Food Vegetarian Cookbook, her third book, Stark is adding her voice to the growing movement around plant-based diets. But for the chef—who many New Yorkers may know from her time leading the kitchens of Dos Caminos, Rosa Mexicano and El Toro Blanco—it’s not simply a fad. While she doesn’t consider herself a vegetarian or vegan, this book is full of recipes that shows the way Stark has been eating for years.

Ivy Stark cookbook
Photograph: Callisto Media

“I think it’s here to stay. I’ve been amazed at the growth of it,” says Stark about the growing popularity of plant-based eating. “People are looking to eat in a healthier way, but they still want to enjoy their

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