Backstage Gym is in forefront of Lancaster fitness – The Item –

LANCASTER – Unique to the area, Lancaster has a residents-only gym that is free of charge to use, called the Backstage Gym. It is located in the center of town, inside the Lancaster Community Center – unsurprisingly, on the stage – and has recently reopened after its forced closure due to the pandemic.

“The gym is a cooperative venture of the Friends of Lancaster Seniors and the town of Lancaster,” said Alix Turner, director of both the Community Center and the Council on Aging.

The town supplies the space, insurance and equipment maintenance as well as town employees like facilities workers (and Turner) to help keep the gym running. The Friends finance the project, donating the fitness equipment and supplies to the town, at a cost of $8,000 and counting. According to Turner, the Friends also provide “the many volunteers who make the place hum.”

The Backstage Gym opened in

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