Irish officials warn of ‘exponential’ growth in COVID-19

DUBLIN (Reuters) – The spread of COVID-19 in Ireland has reached an exponential growth phase and a coming surge in hospitalisations will create a “very significant challenge” for Irish society, a leading public health official said on Wednesday.

On Monday the Irish government banned indoor restaurant dining across the country and limited the number of visitors to people’s homes to try to curb the accelerating second wave of coronavirus infections – seen as arising from increased socialising after the lifting of lockdown.

But the government rejected a recommendation from public health officials on the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) to impose a much stricter lockdown.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Public Health Emergency Team officials said that the situation had worsened further since their weekend recommendation.

“We are looking at a rapidly deteriorating position, we’re looking at a position that is very precarious because we are in a

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The Health Benefits of Irish Moss, a Sea Moss Full of Nutrient-Rich Potential

Getty / marekuliasz

Nutrient-rich Irish moss—a type of sea moss that grows in chilly northern water—is becoming an increasingly buzzy superfood, as many tout its benefits. But that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to work: “Although it power-packs some vitamins and minerals, the science is not there to support whether this has a benefit on our health,” says Amanda Kirpitch, RD, of Nutrition Perspective.

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What Constitutes Irish Moss

Officially known by its species name as Chondrus crispus, Irish moss can also be referred to as red algae or sea moss, says Kirpitch. The thin, flat, reddish-purple leaves branch out in a repeating pattern from a central stem and the plant grows primarily in the colder waters of the eastern and western northern Atlantic ocean. The plant also produces a thickening agent called carrageenan—inspiring another nickname, carrageen moss—which offers a vegan alternative to gelatin, though

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