Covid-19: Leading public health expert ‘irate’ over WHO lockdown advice

A leading Covid-19 expert is “irate” after a World Health Organisation (WHO) official asked world leaders to stop using lockdowns as a primary method of controlling the pandemic.

WHO’s special envoy on Covid-19, Dr David Nabarro​, told British magazine The Spectator that lockdowns should only be used to buy authorities time to set up systems that allow society to live with the virus.

But his comments are “inappropriate” and don’t apply to New Zealand and other Pacific countries where lockdowns have worked, according to epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker, who advises the New Zealand Government on Covid-19.

“David Nabarro is one of their most senior advisors and is quite fond of pronouncing some things,” he said.

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Irate moms hit out at fitness fanatics working out in their kids’ playgrounds

It’s the battle of the monkey bars.

Fed up moms in New York City have had enough of fitness freaks using kids’ playgrounds as makeshift gyms now that workout facilities are operating at limited capacity due to COVID-19.

They’ve labeled the sweaty musclemen — and women — “gross” and “selfish” for increasingly monopolizing equipment designed for toddlers.

According to parents, some don’t wear masks and could pose a health hazard during the pandemic.

“It’s unfair on the children,” said mom of one Ashley Ann Capone, of Astoria Heights, Queens, who regularly visits her neighborhood playground, Sean’s Place, on 38th Street. “They can feel intimidated by them and can’t play properly because of their presence.”

A woman does her workout using the playground equipment at Hoyt Playground.
A woman does her workout using the playground equipment at Hoyt Playground.Tamara Beckwith/New York Post

While it’s mostly individuals exercising on their own, a growing number of personal trainers are bringing their clients within the

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