Apple is introducing iPhone Health Records to UK and Canada

Apple continues to develop its plans for digital health. It has now begun introducing its innovative Health Records feature within the Health app for iPhone users in the UK and Canada.

Growing support for Health Records

In excess of 500 U.S. institutions comprising 11,000 care locations already support Health Records on the iPhone, which let users securely (and privately) view and store their medical records on their device.

Now, those hospitals have been joined by others within the UK’s Oxford University Hospitals group and Women’s College Hospital in Canada. Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust UK) and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and Mackenzie Health (Canada) also now offer the service.

Making health info useful

Apple developed Health Records to solve real problems with this valuable information. Migrating medical records to digital processes posed multiple problems around privacy protection and regulation, and initial attempts to do so generated a bit

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