‘I gave up veganism and my health improved instantly’

When people don’t listen to the experts

Dietician Jane Clarke accepts that cutting down on meat can be beneficial for health, but is concerned by veganism’s wholesale promotion by bloggers, rather than health experts.

“It’s great that there is now a much wider range of non-meat sources of protein, but the power of social media and supermarkets to influence our food choices needs to be combined with scientific evidence,” she warns, adding that the trend for highly processed vegan food with lots of sugar, fats and salt added to make them tasty shows “you can easily be unhealthy as a vegan”.

Clarke says the evidence still points to the health benefits of a balanced diet – including a limited amount of animal protein and dairy. Research recently published in the journal BMC Medicine found the lowest mortality rates in those eating up to 80g meat a day. “Calcium-rich foods including

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