Some Newborns May Benefit from Ingesting Mother’s Fecal Matter

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Researchers are learning how to help infants build up important gut bacteria. Catherine Delahaye / Getty Images
  • Infants born via cesarean delivery may have an underdeveloped microbiome.
  • A new study found that infants exposed to their mother’s fecal matter may benefit.
  • Experts warn this was tested in a hospital, and it’s not something anyone should try at home.

Infants who arrive via cesarean delivery, commonly referred to as a C-section, typically lack helpful gut bacteria.

This can put them at a higher risk for certain conditions compared to babies born vaginally.

Researchers have been searching for ways to build this gut bacteria in other ways.

Now a new study finds that feeding them a solution of their mother’s feces and breast milk could safely introduce healthy bacteria.

Previous research has explored a vaginal microbiome transfer, known as swabbing newborns or vaginal seeding, to increase the infant’s

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